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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Sharon Anderson  Legal Notice 
21 hrs
Indict Amy Brendmoen City Council Chair for Misfeance,Malfeasance,Nonfeasance using City St. Paul Council in a Patterned Enterprise to steal our Homesteads,RealEstate for her Pecuniary Gain. So much research out there, will file something with Police Chief, then Co Attorney, then Muslin Keith Elison MNAG THEN TO US Erica MacDonald, hopefully William Barr will be Confirmed.
Your Cases are so Relevant Forensic Fil...
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  • Sharon Anderson Dumb Dems 5Billion Build the Wall Divided Congress will Fall Sanctuary Same Sex States cannot do Business
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  •              Mon.14Jan2019
                     To the Above Named; ST.Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell et al
                                 Wed.16Jan2019  Forensic Files

                               BUILD THE WALL OR DFL CONGRESS MUST FALL.
                         Republican Candidate
                            QUItAM RImage result for Who was Amy Brendmoen 2nd husband Mike HahnELATOR Image result for Who was Amy Brendmoen 2nd husband Mike HahnImage result for Who was Amy Brendmoen 2nd husband Mike HahnImage result for Who was Amy Brendmoen 2nd husband Mike HahnImage result for Who was Amy Brendmoen 2nd husband Mike Hahn

                              STATE AND ALLEGE RE PENALTY OF PERJURY
                                   NOTICE OF APPEARANCE VIA E COMMERCE ETC.
                                                RICO Issues
                    When Amy Brendmoen ratify/certify on monthly basis Excessive Consumption ie Inspections, Snow and Grass Patrol done by Parks and Rec. Mike Hahn Director, DSI Inspectors are not named and do not cut the Grass or remove
                              Ponzi Taxing Scheme to Steal Real Estate, without Quiet Titles
    re 185 Como Pat Carlone is not listed, 1240 Rice Quiet Title re Contract for Deed.
    Zwirm had Death Threats, Sharon 697 Surrey for Decades City Malfeasance,Misfeasance,Nonfeasance.
                           View Council Video 9Jan2019

                        Having trouble finding files, Currently  the Jan. City Council Files
    Certify/ratified by Amy Bredmoen Divorcee 1st Husband Jeff Neske apparant
    Lover or 2nd Husband Mike Hahn 







    Mike Hahm is in trouble again -

    Sep 2, 2014 - 3 posts - ‎2 authors
    Mike Hahn is having a very bad week with the $800,000.00 ... charged with second-degree assault for firing a gun at another man behind a .... member Amy Brendmoen and St. Paul Parks and Recreation Director Mike Hahm ...

    Affiant, Mrs. Sharon Anderson, having been duly sworn upon oath, deposes and says:
    That Affiant has been reduced to poverty contrary to 42 USC 3631 indigent and in receipt of SSDI for disability.Statutes Enforced
    Conspiracy Against Rights, 18 U.S.C. § 241. Section 241 of Title 18 is the civil rights conspiracy statute. Section 241 makes it unlawful
    Criminal Interference with Right to Fair Housing, 42 U.S.C. § 3631. Section 3631 of Title 42 makes it unlawful for an individual to use force or threaten to use force to injure, intimidate, or interfere
    Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, 18 U.S.C. § 242. This provision makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected
    Peonage, 18 U.S.C. § 1581. Section 1581 of Title 18 makes it unlawful to hold a person in "debt servitude," or peonage, which
    Involuntary Servitude, 18 U.S.C. § 1584. Section 1584 of Title 18 makes it unlawful to hold a person in a condition of slavery, that
    April 16, 06 Water Shut Off
    April 19th07 Kathy Lantry, Police Stalking Sharon causing broken ankle
    Apr24th, Sharons Car stolen stolen out of her Private Property to date
    no tickets, warrants, whereabouts of
    May 16th 2007, agains Sharons Trailer, Camping Equipment "taken"
    re RICO Statutes, without Charges, heinous harm injury

                                             Filing Crim Complaints vs. City Council,Mayor,dsi Parks and Rec et al

                                   Video on the 9th checking ownership of 185 Como  Bee Vu is listed? Friend?
    362923110032 BEE VUE185 COMO AVE
    362923110060 NOU VANG185 COMO AVE
    282923210005 FESLER HOLDINGS INC

     Parcel IDOwnerProperty Address
    192922330074 HERBERT A ZWIRN1240 RICE ST
                                        Listening to Rush Limbaugh  ie DFL Tom Perez coming out of the Border ?
                                                                 So many Forensic Files
    Jan 9 Council Meeting
    City Council1/9/2019Export to iCalendar3:30 PMCouncil Chambers - 3rd FloorMeeting detailsAgenda AgendaMinutes MinutesVideo Video
                                                                 Wonder if Barr will be sworn in USAG ?
                                       Hanging my Search on your files also
                                Dirty DFL Deleted your Files 
                                         Read the biography of committee's Chairman, Elijah Cummings, read about the committee's jurisdiction, and view a list of the committee's membership.
    Thank God Found at

    The Department of Justice, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the City of St. Paul Obstructed the Committees’ Investigation .............................................. 55 CONSEQUENCES OF THE QUID PRO QUO........................................................................... 57 The Sacrifice of Fredrick Newell............................................................................................ 57 The Chilling Effect on Whistleblowers .................................................................................. 59 The Missed Opportunities for Low-Income Residents of St. Paul ......................................... 60 Taxpayers Paid for the Quid Pro Quo .................................................................................... 61 Disparate Impact Theory Remains on Legally Unsound Ground........................................... 62 The Rule of Law ..................................................................................................................... 63 CONCLUSION............................................................................................................................. 64 APPENDIX I: DOCUMENTS ..................................................
    DNHPI supervisor Steve Magner, and other City employees violated Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended by the Fair Housing Act Amendments of 1988 (Fair Housing Act), 42 U.S.C. §§ 3601-3619 (2000); 42 U.S.C. §§ 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985 (2000); and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961-1968 (2000), through their enforcement actions. Plaintiffs also make claims under Minnesota law for abuse of process, tortious interference with contract, and tortious interference with business expectancy. In addition, plaintiffs Thomas J. Gallagher, Joseph J. Collins, Troy Allison, Jeff and Sara Kubitschek, Dadder’s Properties, LLC, Dadder’s Estates, LLC, Dadder’s Enterprises, LLC, and Dadder’s Holdings, LLC (collectively, Gallagher plaintiffs) assert an antitrust claim under 15 U.S.C. §§ 1, 2, 13, 18 (2000), and claim that chapters 34, 43, 45, and 51 of the St. Paul Legislative Code are unconstitutionally vague. For the reasons set forth below, the Court grants Defendants’ motions for summary judgment and dismisses all three cases.2

    III. CONCLUSION Based on the files, records, and proceedings herein, and for the reasons stated above, IT IS ORDERED THAT: 1. Defendants’ Motions for Summary Judgment [Docket No. 198 in Civil No. 04-2632, Docket No. 173 in Civil No. 05-461, and Docket No. 166 in Civil No. 05-1348] are GRANTED. 2. All Counts in Civil Nos. 04-2632, 05-461, and 05-1348 are DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE as to John Doe, Jane Doe, and Jane Roe. 3. Counts VI in Civil Nos. 04-2632, 05-461, and 05-1348 are DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE to the extent they are based on the right to freedom from the taking of property without just compensation under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 4. Count VIII in Civil No. 05-1348 is DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. 5. Except as stated in paragraphs 2-4, all remaining claims in Civil Nos. 04-2632, 05-461, and 05-1348 are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. LET JUDGMENT BE ENTERED ACCORDINGLY. Dated: December 18, 2008 s/ Joan N. Ericksen JOAN N. ERICKSEN United States District Judge

    By November 2011, Newell had spent over two years discussing his case with career attorneys in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota, and the Civil Fraud Section within the Justice Department’s Civil Division. These three entities, which had each invested a substantial amount of time and resources into Newell’s case, regarded this as a strong case potentially worth as much as $200 million for taxpayers and recommended that the federal government join the suit. These career attorneys even went so far as to prepare a formal memorandum recommending intervention, calling St. Paul’s actions a “particularly egregious example of false certifications.” All this work was for naught. In late November 2011, Lillehaug made Perezaware of

    Beacon - Ramsey County, MN

     Property Search Results1 Result
     Parcel IDOwnerProperty Address

    Parcel ID322922410053
    Parcel StatusActive
    Property Address697 SURREY AVE
    ST PAUL, MN 55106-5521
    Brief Tax DescriptionLot 5 Block 46 of LYMAN DAYTON ADDITION
    LOT 5 BLK 46
     (Note: Not to be used on legal documents)
    Parcel Area0.09 Acres
    Parcel Width40 Feet
    Parcel Depth94 Feet
    (Note: Width and Depth represent buildable area of lot in the case of irregularly shaped lots)
    Tax Classification4BB1-Residential Non-Homestead single unit; 1BNA-Blind/Disabled Homestead Non Ag
    Roll TypeReal Property
    MunicipalityST PAUL
    School DistrictISD #625
    TIF District 

      2018 Payable2017 Payable2016 Payable2015 Payable
     Estimated Market Value$51,000$43,700$44,700$46,900
     Taxable Market Value$40,800$35,000$35,800$37,500
    +Net Tax Amount$536.14$447.46$473.92$499.54
    +Special Assessments$991.86$308.54$298.08$290.46
    =Total Taxes$1,528.00$756.00$772.00$790.00
    -Amount Paid$1,528.00$756.00$772.00$790.00
    =Outstanding Balance$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00

    Saint Paul
    City of Saint Paul
    Assessments Certified to Property Taxes
    Property Address:697 SURREY AVE Select a different property
    Property ID:32-29-22-41-0053

    The assessments listed below have been certified to Ramsey County to be collected with property taxes. Call Ramsey County at (651) 266-2000 to verify that the certified amounts remain due and payable.
    If you have questions regarding an assessment, call Assessments at (651) 266-8858.

    Assessments Payable with 2019 Property Taxes
    (Only Payable to Ramsey County)
    Assessment NumberImprovementInterest RateLevied DateTerm YearsLevied AmountCertified Amount
    1800252018 SMSP / Sweeping and Lighting3.60 %11/7/20181$40.00$41.44
    1800802018 SSSC / Storm Sewer3.60 %8/31/20181$94.64$98.06
    188301Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 05/22/17-06/21/174.15 %1/3/20181$157.00$169.98
    188302Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 06/22/17-07/21/174.15 %1/17/20181$157.00$169.74
    188303Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 07/23/17-08/18/173.60 %2/7/20181$157.00$167.72
    188304Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 08/21/17-09/21/173.60 %3/7/20181$157.00$167.28
    188305Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 09/22/17-10/20/173.60 %4/4/20181$157.00$166.84
    188306Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 10/22/17-11/21/173.60 %5/2/20181$157.00$166.42
    1999962019 Recycling0.00 %12/31/20181$58.20$58.20
    1999972019 Solid Waste0.00 %12/31/20181$24.60$24.60
    Certified Total:$1,230.28
    Ramsey County mailing address:
    Ramsey County Property Records and Revenue
    PO Box 64097
    Saint Paul, MN 55164-0097

    City of Saint Paul - Assessments
    Saint Paul
    City of Saint Paul
    Property Address:697 SURREY AVE Select a different property
    Property ID:32-29-22-41-0053

    To get balance due for LEVIED assessments, enter the date when Real Estate would receive your payment (amounts may include interest). Select the assessments you want to pay by checking the box. If you want to make a partial payment, check the box and enter the amount to the right of the checked box.
    This is not your eCheck payment date. It is only for calculating interest.
    Note: Payments may not be processed after November 15, 2019 because the City must prepare the annual certification of assessments to property taxes. Payments received after that date will be returned.

    Levied Assessments (due and payable)
    Assessment NumberImprovementInterest RateLevied DateTerm YearsLevied AmountBalance DueSelect to Pay
    Partial Payment Accepted
    198301Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 05/22/18-06/20/183.60 %1/2/20191$157.00$157.00 
    Levied Balance Due:$157.00$0.00
    Fees and Pending Assessments (Payments are accepted)
    Project NumberImprovementPending DateTerm YearsPending AmountSelect to Pay
    Partial Payment Accepted
    J1901EExcessive Inspection or Abatement Service 04/23/18-05/21/187/9/20181$157.00 
    J1903EExcessive Inspection or Abatement Service 06/22/18-07/20/189/11/20181$157.00 
    J1904EExcessive Inspection or Abatement Service 07/23/18-08/21/1810/1/20181$157.00 
    J1905EExcessive Inspection or Abatement Service 08/22/18-09/21/1811/1/20181$157.00 
    J1907EExcessive Inspection or Abatement Service 10/22/18-11/21/181/10/20191$157.00 
    Pending Balance Due:$785.00$0.00
    Levied and Pending Balance (as of the date above): $942.00
    Amount I want to pay (as of the date above): $0.00
    Make Payment Online

    Processed using your savings/checking account.
    There is no charge for paying by eCheck.

    Bank collected card fee of 2.49% will be added to the transaction.
    Payment will be processed immediately and cannot be scheduled for a later date. Payments processed after 8:00 pm will be posted the following business day.
    Payments will be made using US Bank secure website.
    Make Payment via U.S. Mail or in person
    700 CITY HALL
    ST PAUL, MN 55102-1658
    Questions? Call Assessments
    at (651) 266-8858
    Current Candidate MNAG From:
    Sent: 1/15/2019 12:33:23 PM Central Standard Time
    Subject: U.S. Attorney | USAO-MN | DOJ ERICA MACDONALD
                                     So much research out there, will file something with Police Chief, then Co Attorney, then Muslin Keith Elison MNAG THEN TO US Erica MacDonald, hopefully William Barr will be Confirmed.
                                     Your Cases are so Relevant Forensic Files etc.
                                          Going Blind but for the City must be held Accountable
                                           Got any ideas?
                             Reading your Cases the RICO was never address by Fed. Judge Ann Montgomery  also involved in the Murder of my Husband Cpl Jim Anderson who spent 1 year at Brainard State Hosp. She and Lonnie Bryan and David Lillhaug at that time were Complicit.
                                     For now Amy Brendmoen and her Lover or 2nd husband Mike Hahn must be held Accountable.  Theft of Car, Water,Trailer etc.

     Tues 15Jan2019

                                          some of my links have expired, phone RESTORED.

                                  1.     Has the City St. Paul,MN creating Anti Trust, Deceptive Trade, via Citizens Propertys by and thro Excessive Inspections/Abatments, without Valid Complaints,Quiet Titles,

    Federal and state antitrust laws are designed to protect competition, and the opportunity of competitors to engage in business free of artificial restrictions on competition. Such restrictions include price fixing agreements, group boycotts, “tying” arrangements, and market allocation arrangements. Antitrust laws also make it illegal to operate a monopoly and abuse the power of one who has a monopolistic market position. Antitrust laws are enforced by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and similar state agencies and state Attorneys General.

     Minnesota and many other states have adopted the Federal Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act (UDTPA), originally passed in 1964 and revised in 1966.

                       3.  Front Cover


    How Do I Fi
    609.911CIVIL REMEDIES.
    le a Consumer Complaint in Minnesota?
    The Minnesota Attorney General's office provides a good explanation of its consumer complaint process, with links to the necessary forms, contact information, and step-by-step instructions for filing your complaint. Call their office at (651) 296-3353 if have additional questions.
    Research the Law

    City Council1/16/2019Export to iCalendar3:30 PMCouncil Chambers - 3rd Floor
    Legislative Hearing Items and Public Hearings at 3:30 p.m. (No 5:30 p.m. Public Hearings)
    Meeting detailsAgenda Agenda
    RLH AR 18-108272Excessive/Abatement Service June 22 to July 20, 2018Resolution LH Assessment RollRatifying the assessments for Excessive Use of Inspection or Abatement services during June 22 to July 20, 2018. (File No. J1903E, Assessment No. 198302)
    Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
    1/12/2019 5:40 PMSharonScarrellaAnderson Againstpg 26 Sharon Lee Anderson 697 Surrey Av OBJECTIONS St Paul MN 55106-5521 *697 SURREY AVE *Ward: 7 *Pending as of: 9/11/2018 LYMAN DAYTON ADDITION TO THE CITY OF ST. PAUL LOT 5 BLK 46 Excessive Inspection 1.00 122.00 $122.00 32-29-22-41-0053 Real Estate Admin Fee 35.00 1.00 $35.00 $157.00 *** Owner and Taxpayer *** ** PLEASE NOTE ** 16 037125 Inv# 1381607 New Direction Ira Inc C/O Vincent Bryan Ira 1070 W Century Dr Ste 101 Louisville CO 80027-1657 *1639

    RES 19-8917Excessive/Abatement Service Sept 24 to Oct 19, 2018Resolution
    Approving the City’s cost of providing Excessive Use of Inspection or Abatement services billed during September 24 to October 19, 2018, and setting date of Legislative Hearing for March 5, 2019 and City Council public hearing for April 17, 2019 to consider and levy the assessments against individual properties. (File No. J1906E, Assessment No. 198305)

    Sharon Anderson aka Scarrella 651-776-5835
    LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835:
    Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower, 

    The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 
    Ch.119 Sections 2510-2521 et seq., governs distribution of this "Message," 
    including attachments, may contain the originator's
    proprietary information. The originator hereby notifies
    recipients Message review, dissemination, copying, and content-based 
    actions. Authorized carriers of this message 
    shall expeditiously deliver this Message to intended recipients.  See: Quon 
    v. Arch
    LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835: HEALTHCARE 

    Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower, Candidate AG2010 www.sharonagmn2010.blogsbd Blogger: Act of 1862| ScriDocument's are based on SEC filings,




Sharons Memorys



Sharon4Mayor2010 2


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