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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party-Minnesota 15Apr09

    Tax Day Tea Party
    RSVP for Tea Party

    MINNESOTA STATE TAX DAY TEA PARTY COORDINATOR Antoinette “Toni” Backdahl **State coordinators serve as liaisons between this national effort and local events and not as the organizer for each individual event. If you want to attend or volunteer for a listed event, contact the event coordinator. If you want to organize a new event, contact the state coordinator AND email Thanks!**

    The following is a list of CONFIRMED Tea Party Tax Revolts planned within the state of Minnesota. Please note that we ONLY list events happening on April 15th. ————- City: Duluth When: April 15, 12:15pm Where:March and Rally - Harbor Drive (Behind the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center) Contact: EMAIL Other Info: Facebook Group:Coming Soon ————- City:Milaca When: April 15, TBA Where:TBA Contact: EMAIL Phone:320.983.5111 Other Info: Facebook Group:Coming Soon

    ————- City: Rochester When: April 15, 5:30pm - 7:30pm Where: East Side of Silver Lake, 840 7 St NE Contact: EMAIL Other Info: Facebook Group: Click Here

    ————- City: St. Cloud When: April 15, Noon Where: City Hall Contact: EMAIL Other Info: Facebook Group:

    ————- City: St. Paul ~ Twin Cities When: April 15, 5:00pm - 8:00pm (pending permit) Where: Minnesota State Capitol Contact: EMAIL Other Info: Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

    Have an event planned for Minnesota? Email Amy and let us know!

    Also, be sure you join our Facebook group.

    86 Responses to “Minnesota”

    1. Lets get this party started!

      If you have any questions about how, when, what, why? Twitter me @toninoblogny

    2. Hey, I am trying to organize this here in the Twin Cities, check out my blog if you want to help.

    3. Radio Host Jason Lewis sponsors an annual anti-tax rally every April 15th at the state capitol in St Paul. He gets a pretty good turnout, the Tea Party movement should really try to leverage that movement.

      By Roy E on Mar 6, 2009 Reply
    4. Where do we sign up and how do we get MN involved?

      By Dave Johannes on Mar 7, 2009 Reply
    5. Felt the same way as all of you and I contacted the organization earlier in the week. They connected me to another volunteer and attached information on how to get this going. First off is a Face book page that I will start going on today. All help is appreciated. Blogs like Ben’s are great to link and spread the word. Look for the Facebook page later and we can be in contact to pull together and let Politicians know what we think of their bailouts, socialist programs and increased taxes.

      By Dave Roeser on Mar 7, 2009 Reply
    6. I agree on the Jason Lewis comment. Im at the State capital every year and we should join him there…….lets have a HUGE TURNOUT!!!

      By heidi on Mar 7, 2009 Reply
    7. Jason Lewis’ Tax Cut protest is set for Saturday April 12th. To keep with the national tax day tea party event, we are setting up for noon on Wed. the 15th. Looking for input on the time as us WORKING taxpayers might find noon inconvenient and we should hold it at 6pm.

      By Dave Roeser on Mar 7, 2009 Reply
    8. Facebook link for invite to event.

      By Dave Roeser on Mar 7, 2009 Reply
    9. Alright… I have been trying to get the facebook tea party info out(Wednesday 15th 11-1 PM, Saint Paul at capital) to different groups I participate in, called KTLK and couldn’t get confo on Jason Lewis’ event. Wrote email to his show and will call next week. Please join this group so we can coordinate:

      By Cinn from MN on Mar 7, 2009 Reply
    10. I’m in. I want to carry my anti-porkulus sign!

      By john in AV on Mar 8, 2009 Reply
    11. The tax rally is actually Saturday, April 11th at noon. (Someone else put the 12th but that is Easter Sunday).

      By Soph in NB on Mar 8, 2009 Reply
    12. Dave, Thank you for setting up the Facebook page.

      We are going to stick with the 15th and if Jason is still having his, we can support both. If his is on Sat. April 11th… maybe we can set our sign meeting before his event. That way we will have signs for his event and ours.

      For those of you who can’t do both, it’s ok. Pick one! Invite as many as you can to both.

    13. Roles Needed at Each Event:

      Project Servant-Leader has overall Event Responsibility Director–Manages flow of Days Events Master of Ceremonies Band Revolutionary Crowd (in period attire, with flags and signs) Modern Crowd (with flags and signs) Speaker Publius in Character Speaker Samuel Adams in Character Speaker Abraham Lincoln in Character Keynote Speaker Director of Media Relations promotes event to media and manages media on event day Director of New Media Coordination — makes sure every event listed on Facebook, MySpace, and all ning sites is coordinated and cross linked. Director of Vendor Relations (makes sure there are flags, signs, T-shirts, etc to buy) Director of Recruitment ensures between 50 and 100 attendees

    14. I have a press release…

      I need someone that wants to be the press contact.

      I can, but I would prefer to delegate this one.

    15. Every, single person attending the event MUST bring cameras — better yet; video cameras (digital is best)

      In our world of mainstream media, perception is reality and reality lives in pictures and video. Every picture and every second of video we get of the people and the events, the more “real” this event will be.

      Images/vid we need - yourself and others in small groups - of the crowd - on vid, say where you are - tell us what you think of the stimulus pkg - tell us a better idea to do instead of the stimulus pkg - ask other ppl what they think about the stimulus - ask what they think about the fact that no-one has read the entire bill (that has been signed into law!)

      Afterward, be prepared to send it to TCOT-TV so we can package it up for ourselves and for the media

    16. Chris Gelke had set up “The Saint Paul Tea Party” Group on facebook:

      I think you should coordinate with him also.

      By Jeanette on Mar 8, 2009 Reply
    17. I can’t believe you want to have it midweek at noon! You’re going to have less people as a result. This needs to be big, not a handful of people who can get off of work to do it. That time seems inconvenient.

      By Esmeralda on Mar 9, 2009 Reply
    18. Esmeralda, there is possibly one on Saturday the 11th as well, an annual event with Jason Lewis, still trying to confirm it, ANTI-TAX rally, it is huge, the one on the 15th is for National Tax Day Tea Party that people all across America will be participating in. I hope you can make it to one of these or maybe one down the road.

      By Cinn from MN on Mar 9, 2009 Reply
    19. Yes, we are aware that many across the nation want the Tea Party later on in the evening…

      We can consider having it for longer hours…

      The plan is a suggested plan that is sent to everyone…

      We can modify to our needs.

      We really don’t know what everyone can or can’t do…

      We just need to make sure we have one…

      There is always a solution!

    20. Would you guys be up for combining this with the annual Tax Rally? That’s not going to be until May 2 this year, but we could really build a lot of momentum by putting the two together.

    21. Just got email from Jason Lewis and the date has not yet been set for his Anti-Tax Rally. I will keep you all posted when I find out more, meanwhile please email Toni if you would like to work on coordinating our event. Or check the facebook page.

      By Cinn from MN on Mar 9, 2009 Reply
    22. Coordination Meeting for Volunteers: MN TAX DAY TEA PARTY Please join us and bring friends.

      Roseville, MN March 10th, 2009 (that is TODAY!!!) Starbucks 6:30 PM 2305 Fairview Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113


      Email me at or Toni if you have any questions or if you would like to set up another meeting. I am trying to coordinate the NW Metro area.

      By Cinn from MN on Mar 10, 2009 Reply
    23. Due to the weather, if you cannot make the Coordination Meeting and you still want to participate in organizing/volunteering please email with your contact info so we can make a master list. Looking forward to see some of you later!

      We will be announcing more meetings in the future, so please stay tuned to for all the latest updates.

      By Cinn from MN on Mar 10, 2009 Reply
    24. Throwing a link up on Anti-Strib for you guys.

    25. If you are in a group (for example: Republican Small Business Owners)and have a bunch of people that want to help, please email them this website and ask them to join as a member there and then they can choose which committee they would like to volunteer for, i.e. Actual event planning, marketing, media, fundraising, or even participant holding sign (join event coordination)

      Here’s the positions we still need.

      Environmental and Sanitation Coordinator * supervises cleanup, etc.

      We need many volunteers to dress up as certain characters (some would give speeches…so if you like that kind of thing…you would then join the Event Committee Group and work with Margaret, Our Event Coordinator.

      Many other opportunities now and will arise as it gets bigger and bigger and we need all the help we can get. Tell everyone you know and bring a friend.

    26. Event time has been confirmed: 2 pm - 8 pm

    27. Event time is confirmed but pending permit

    28. Rescind Confirmed Event Time - Will be announced when finalized.

    29. Hi folks from Minnesota. Roxanne here, one of the bloggers at Fresh Tea Daily, a group for all the April 15/Tax Day Tea Protests. If you’re not aware of the blog, please drop by.

    30. What our Facebook page says in case you aren’t a member of Facebook:

      Host: Type: Causes - Protest Network:Global Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm Location: Minnesota State Capitol City/Town:Saint Paul, MN

      Twin Cities Tea Party

      Revolution is Brewing- “Repeal the Stimulus, Cut Taxes”

      The tax day TEA PARTY for the Twin Cities is gathering momentum quickly.

      As the name implies, this event is scheduled for April 15th, tax day. That date is firm to correspond with the nationwide tax day TEA PARTY.

      We have been listening to fellow taxpayers about holding the event after 5 pm to accommodate work schedules. We heard your concern and realize we all need to work to pay the oppressive taxes this administration is putting on all of us. We have changed the time to be from 5 pm to 8 pm with our key note speaker at 6:30 on the capitol steps.

      We are in a pending permit status with the capitol event site, so the schedule may change. We appreciate your flexibility. You can stay abreast of changes via Face Book or a new site to be launched the week of March 16th.

      Our goal is to stand united together and send a nationwide message to Washington DC that we are united against high taxes, wasteful stimulus spending and reckless fiscal policies. Join us; bring your friends, co-workers and members of groups you belong to.

      This isn’t about one event, but many to be planned and coordinated with other protest events to take place. Attending this event you will find many avenues to get involved in any of the fine groups supporting this event. You CAN make a difference. United we stand, divided we fail. Stand up and party like it’s 1773!

      MINNESOTA STATE TAX DAY TEA PARTY COORDINATOR Antoinette “Toni” Backdahl **State coordinators serve as liaisons between this national effort and local events and not as the organizer for each individual event. If you want to attend or volunteer for a listed event, contact that event organizer.

      Twin Cities Organizer; Dave Roeser

    31. Both my Wife and I will Be there! Everyone should find (and wear)a “Guy Fawkes (Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!)

      By Seamus Regan on Mar 14, 2009 Reply
    32. Both my Wife and I will Be there! Everyone should find (and wear)a “Guy Fawkes” Mask(Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!)

      By Seamus Regan on Mar 14, 2009 Reply
    33. If this is on for sure, I will be there for sure. You can count me in. I will keep on monitoring your site.

      Thanks for organizing this.

      By Mirimichi on Mar 15, 2009 Reply
    34. We live in a small rural community and would like to get the word out about this website. I was considering flyers under windshield wipers listing the date, time, location of the tea party. Or, one that lists this website for information. Which approach do you think best?

    35. I’m looking into planning a tea party in St. Cloud, MN. If anyone in or around the area would be willing to work together on this, please email me at . Thanks!

      By Jackie on Mar 16, 2009 Reply
    36. If we continue sending the same people to Washington, we will get the same results. While politicians enrich themselves and their friends at our expense we are left with pocket change. If you are ready for Real change, please visit my website WilliamLee2014.ORG. This will become a national election, and I need everyone’s help.

    37. Remember, Capitalism Did Not Fail, Government with their Liberal Socialistic agenda Failed America!!!!!

      It’s time Americans woke up a start taking back our United States of America, let’s start by voting out the Liberal Socialists and put some people in to Represent the True Americans and take back The United States of America!!!!

    38. It is time for term limits for all our elected officials. A citizens legislature.

      By Rich on Mar 18, 2009 Reply
    39. A Rochester Tax Day Tea Party is being planned for 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.

    40. I’m so there!! I’m in southern MN, I can go to Minneapolis or Rochester either one, wish I could go to both :0)

      By Lynai on Mar 18, 2009 Reply
    41. The Steele County GOP is planning a tax day Tea Party in Owatonna. We have to stop the spending spree in Washington before the country goes bankrupt.

    42. We now have what they elected and our leaders are doing exactly what we feared. If we allow them to destroy our country without a fight then we deserve what we get. There are many opportunities to get in their face and let them know we are not going away. Glen Beck has a 912project website and Jason Lewis also has a tax day demonstration at the capital. The tea party is great way to start !

    43. I’ll be there! Enough is enough. We are having taxation without representation and it is just flat out wrong. It’s time to let our government know that we won’t stand for it anymore.

      By Heidi on Mar 19, 2009 Reply
    44. I have emailed this website to my entire address book consisting of individuals across the country. If everyone would do the same we can cover most of the responsible people in this country! Who needs the MSM??? DO IT NOW!!!

      By George McManus on Mar 20, 2009 Reply
    45. This is great, we can show the entire country know that patriotism is alive and well in the USA! We will be there!

      By Mary Kay Schmitt on Mar 20, 2009 Reply
    46. Here’s another try at the previous posting. The Tea Party is great! We can show the entire country that patriotism is still alive and well in the USA. God Bless America.

      By Mary Kay Schmitt on Mar 20, 2009 Reply
    47. Calling all people that want to help us spread the word about the TAX DAY TEA PARTY in Saint Paul, MN to our local media, today we are calling The Patriot AM1280!

      Let them know about the event or ask them about the event. See what they say and then go here and comment:

      Call as many media outlets as you like, but we are creating a call chain, so please start with the Patriot!

      For more volunteering opportunities check here:

      BLAST OF THE DAY (3/24/09): The Patriot 1280 AM (651-405-8800)

      Yesterday we called: # 3/23/09: KTLK FM 100.3 (phone number: 651.989.KTLK!)

    48. ToniNoBlogny has it right about bringing your DV cameras. I’ve posted the following on every state Tea Party Site.

      If the media refuses to be present, we can be our own media by taking our video cameras and posting the results to YouTube, then sending the links to the I Report sections of the MSM websites. Maybe they won’t show them–but we’ll be rubbing their noses in the fact that we don’t need them nearly as much as they need us. And, of course, we should be posting the video links everywhere we can. I suggest using the tags Tax Day, Tea Party, Politics, plus your state and your city. Just be aware that if we all do this, it may take awhile for YouTube to process everything, so keep trying.

      Let’s FLOOD YouTube with video. Even the libs at Google will have to take notice.

      By Phoenix Lady on Mar 24, 2009 Reply
    49. The government’s plan is not working. We can see that in each and every passing day. Americans need a fresh start to a new life. We need the same help to get OUR feet out of the quicksand that the government is giving to the companies that they choose to help try to get back on their feet. Unfortunately, the government can give all of the bailouts to these companies that they want, and it still will not work unless WE the people have the financial means to continue to add surplus to the economy so that it can thrive. Without WE the people doing so, all the bailouts given to these companies will NOT matter. Once the “patch comes off the hole”, the water will come in again, and then what? The government continues to patch the holes but NEVER fixes the real problem. Fix the boat! And that boat is the DEBT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! BAILOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The government should be bailing out the American people by paying down proportionate shares of our debts. WE will then be indirectly bailing out the same companies that the government is directly bailing out right now by paying down our debts. They would still be getting their money. But they would be getting it the fair, just and honest way. The way that is a win-win for everyone. We would have less debt and they would still get paid. But if we continue to do it the government’s way, and bail them out, while leaving us out, WE are losing it all. WE have nothing to gain. The American Bailout, The Plan for Americans Made by Americans, can work. If we all join hands to show our support and sign the petition to being The American Bailout Plan to our government, WE can help to open the door to OUR nations NEW future. If you would like to read more about The American Bailout Plan (The Plan for Americans Made by Americans) please go to Our Support Is Greatly Appreciated Tell A Friend…….

    50. would love to know what i can do to help with the tea party?

      By owen on Mar 25, 2009 Reply
    51. Jason Lewis’ tax cut rally is being held on May 2nd this year. I just got my tax cut coalition invite the other day. So no conflicts with the tea parties. We will not be ignored this time. My husband and I have been to several tax cut coalition rallies and the media blows us off. Last year thousands of people showed up in the SNOW!!! Make it a point to be there. Its our money and I for one want to keep it.

      By Jennifer W on Mar 26, 2009 Reply
    52. Jason Lewis has announced today his tax cut rally will be on May 2, 2009, at the state capital. Check out for Jason’s blog and the details. Attend this as well!

      By Wendy on Mar 26, 2009 Reply
    53. I refuse to live in a Socialist country. I refuse to give mine own or my descendants freedoms I refuse to give up my right to bear arms. I refuse to let the left take away everything so many have died for. Bring on the Tea Party!

      Everyone; We are part of history. The American experiment must not fail. Make a stand!

      By Ricky H on Mar 27, 2009 Reply
    54. Fix the boat! And that boat is the DEBT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! BAILOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The government should be bailing out the American people by paying down proportionate shares of our debts. WE will then be indirectly bailing out the same companies that the government is directly bailing out right now by paying down our debts. They would still be getting their money. But they would be getting it the fair, just and honest way. The way that is a win-win for everyone. We would have less debt and they would still get paid. But if we continue to do it the government’s way, and bail them out, while leaving us out, WE are losing it all. WE have nothing to gain. The American Bailout, The Plan for Americans Made by Americans, can work. If we all join hands to show our support and sign the petition to being The American Bailout Plan to our government, WE can help to open the door to OUR nations NEW future. If you would like to read more about The American Bailout Plan (The Plan for Americans Made by Americans) please go to Our Support Is Greatly Appreciated

      By The Plan for Americans Made By Americans on Mar 28, 2009 Reply
    55. Even if the media refuses to recognize the numbers, I’m going to switch my shift at work to be there. I want america to stay the way the founding fathers intended it to be.

    56. Hi,

      Where about in the Twin Cities do you live? I work M-F. How about a tea party on a Saturday? That way more people can show up.

      By Rebecca on Mar 28, 2009 Reply
    57. I am licensed to carry a gun, and am wondering if it is ok at this function. Is there anything legally preventing me from doing so, location, permit type, etc…I feel it is important to make the statement that we are not only upset, but armed as well.

      By John on Mar 28, 2009 Reply
    58. I live in Duluth, any tea parties set for here, we have lots of water for the tea.

      By Yvonne on Mar 29, 2009 Reply
    59. Hey I heard that Tax Party Events are being denied across the country. In Florida, the government denied one in Cape Coral because the organizers did not have an insurance sponsors. Here is the link:

      Do you all have a permit for the tax Party event plan for April 15th?

      I heard many orther Sattes are doign the samelthing. Perhaps that’s why when we see lefty groups protesting they have big sponsors behind them who know how to get around government red tape.

      My suggestion is that we make sure these tea parties are not seen as partisan or about President Obama. We need a clear and direct message. Stop the bail outs. Stop Socialism and Nationalization of our banks. Also this is a good opportunity to get people registered to vote.

    60. Curious about printable flyers to distribute around the metro…many of us would love to get the date and time out there.

      By Brandee Von Eschen on Mar 29, 2009 Reply
    61. Now they are trying to stop our freedom of speech and Tea Parties. It is time to let our voices be heard and stop the government from continuing to give out the additional 7 trillion that it has allocated to give out to the agencies noted and to give that money to American families to absolve our debts. Which means it essential is given directly to the creditors on our behalf. We are not given that money to us as cash per say to use for other things. By doing so, WE are paying off our debt, which is the reason why they are failing in the first place. Americans cannot afford to pay them due to the job loss and economic crisis that we are in. So they are getting help from the government from OUR money to try to stand. What good does that due if we ourselves cannot continue to bulster the economy by STILL having the same debt that they are being bailed out of and WE do not have the means to grow ourselves?

      In a sense, they are trying to “double dip” us. They are getting the debt paid off from the government that we cannot afford to pay, however OUR debt still remains to them and we have to pay for that our of our own paychecks as well. They are getting paid TWICE for the same debt. The write off from our debt and our actual debt that still remains. If the same money that is already allocated was used to pay them, and OUR debt to them was then erased, we could then utilize the money that is still being paid to them from our pockets to begin to build back our lives, which in return, would also build onto theirs again.

      It is a plan that has been mentioned on Glenn Beck long after The American Bailout was put together by Americans. If he thought of it as well and has questioned as to why no one has done it, then apparently, it must be something that people believe can work. Hopefully, the support from the American people will be bold enough to bring it into congress so that they too can ask themselves…why haven’t we done this……maybe it’s time we should.

      WE Can Take Back OUR America! Please Show Your Support…Please Sign The Petition

    62. Everyone be sure to send those tea bags in to the white house by April 1st so they will reach the white house by the 15th! Yet another way to show your disgust in the ways that our tax dollar is being spent! The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20500

      By Destiny V on Mar 29, 2009 Reply
    63. Does anyone have an estimate of the number of people planning to attend the Tea Party at the Capital on Tax Day?

      What great name for a new political party - ” The Tea Party”.

      By James Kochevar on Mar 30, 2009 Reply
    64. I’ll be there regardless of the time, but I think after work would be better for us taxpayers. We should try to get the permit, but have the rally regardless. Be peaceful and let them arrest us. I would like to tell my liberal friends I got arrested for a peaceful protest.

      By Steven Schell on Mar 30, 2009 Reply
    65. Mad as hell and not gonna take it any more. Sums it up pretty good. Thanks for putting this together so we can get this movement into gear. I will be in St. Paul. In the mean time I will have signage in my yard. Let your neighbors know how you feel. The grass-roots might well start right in your yard! :-)

      By Larry Bacon on Mar 30, 2009 Reply
    66. I will be there rain/shine/snow, doesn’t matter. The government is as we ask for and it’s past time to get something that we need. It’s time to get the liberal elites out of Minnesota and Washington.These parties need to continue year ’round so we don’t forget what is at stake.

      By Patrick on Mar 30, 2009 Reply
    67. Please go to and RSVP for Nationwide Tea Party

    68. Daaaahlings! I absolutely LOOOVE TEA! OH LETS DO …have a tea party….just like the one in boston? HOW CAN I HELP? I would sooooo love to see everyone there…to make our voices heard…to TAKE BACK OUR AMERICA…ONE NATION…UNDER GOD…INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL….all AMERICANS…that is … LETS DO IT!

      By callabella on Mar 30, 2009 Reply
    69. If you are interested in helping spread the word, go to

      If you are interested in helping out during the event, go to

    70. Ladies and gentlemen of the court… we have the stamina to withstand the possible hell on earth we face? In the first revolution, 37% of the colonists agreed with the overthrow of the British rule, this time around it looks like the number could be much smaller. I feel many americans jes’ want their flat screen tv and domino’s delivered to the door. Many generations have been taught by our gov’t run schools to do as the “state” tells you…obey “the man”! This may be a test of will that few of us have ever faced before.

      By Richard Burton on Mar 31, 2009 Reply
    71. Anything taking place in Duluth or the northern part of the state?

      By Scott on Mar 31, 2009 Reply
    72. There will be a Tea Party in Thief River Falls, MN on Saturday, April 25th, 3-5 pm on the steps of the Ralph Englestad Arena, following the 7th Congressional District Republican Convention.

      For contact information, email and put Tea Party in the subject line. Thanks.

      Hope to see you there! Barb

      By Barbara on Mar 31, 2009 Reply
    73. Hey all. I will be there as well either at Rochester or St Paul. Does anyone no where I can get a decal or bumperstickers. The decal would be one that can be placed on the tailgate (full area) of my pick up truck. Let me know please. I am sure there are other auto oweners who would like this idea.

    74. Thanks so much for putting this together! It should go on even without insurance or a permit. It can be likened to civil disobedience. There should be no logical argument against that. My wife and I will be there and we don’t normally participate in rallies. This is different.

      By Fred S. on Mar 31, 2009 Reply
    75. While I think the Tea Party idea is creative….I don’t believe it will have an affect. The Administration will simply ignore it and have a $100 steak dinner.

      We need something stronger.

      I would like to see 5MM Americans stand up and say, “We are not going to pay our taxes to support this spending”. We would promise to pay when the budget was reconstructed to reflect our ability to pay for our needs…not using worthless paper to appear to be covering our debt.

      We might also consider filing a tax extention on 4/15 andpaying in Sept….in this way the Govt cash flo would be affected.

      I don’t think the government would attempt to throw 5MM people in jail and this would surely get the attention of ALL in government.

      By General Liggum on Mar 31, 2009 Reply
    76. has posted a banner/link to this site

    77. I live in Two Harbors. If an event is planned in Duluth I want in on it. I’m glad that there are more of us up here I’ve been feeling all alone.

      By Shirley on Mar 31, 2009 Reply
    78. Here is a link to a get the printable flyer and press release:


      Press release:

      Thank you! Cinn

    79. We must take a stand in the face of Mob Rule out of Washington. They are making up their own rules as they go, blindly acting in unconstitutional ways without conscience.

      By tps on Apr 1, 2009 Reply
    80. It will be good if a Big Band can be on for entertainer. Hannity announced a singer from Big N Rich will be at the Atlanta Tea Party. We all need to come out and SHow thsoe ANti Cpaitalist in London how Consrvatives can have a peaceful rally and stil get their message across.,

      Also I hope all these parties around the nation will end in One Big Tea Party On Washington later this year.

      This is the only way the government will get the message to curb spending and Stop the Bailouts. Lets march for a Fair tax.

      By KMX on Apr 1, 2009 Reply
    81. Jason’s tax rally is on May 2nd this year, don’t think it’s ever been on the 15th.

      By C.A. on Apr 1, 2009 Reply
    82. Minnesota Tax Day Tea Party List, Go to our website for more details

      Austin, Brainerd, Duluth, Mille Lacs County (in Milaca), Rochester, Steele County (in Owatonna), and the Twin Cities (at Saint Paul Capitol).

    83. Great point about keeping the emphasis off of Obama. There protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness speaks deeply to most Americans. We don’t need to use any distaste for Obama to make our point. See you all there.

      Hey! I’ve seen on some sites that MN will have two events in St. Paul between noon and 8 pm. Is there any truth in this?

      By pjean on Apr 1, 2009 Reply
    84. We are organizing a Tea Party in North Branch, and if you are a Patriot in Chisago / Isanti counties and would like to network, organize, and show for a tea at high noon in the old north church, contact Peter Schaps @ 612-875-2777 Please, ” Don’t tread on me”

      By Peter Schaps on Apr 2, 2009 Reply

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