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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sharon Anderson v. Lyle Rambo 12560 15th St.S.Afton MN 55001

Affiant Sharon Anderson must triggr Investigations into the Murder 21Sept2000 of her Husband v. Lyle Rambo and Veterans Service of re: Sharon Scarrella's Homestead at 1058 Summit Ave St.Paul,MN 55104-0384Dick Bullock et al., Appellants, v. State of Minnesota et al., Appellees - 611 F.2d 258 - Justia US Court of Appeals Cases an...
Subj:Lyle Rambo 12560 15th St.S Afton MN 55001
Date:11/20/2008 7:51:18 P.M. Central Standard Time


AFFIDAVIT OF SHARON PETERSON SCARRELLA ANDERSON CANDIDATE To Dick Lippert, City of St. Paul Supervisor, Mark Oswald Co Ramsey Auditor and to Whom it may concern NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER OR FRAUD At all times Material and in Good Faith, and as Lippert and Oswald have mentioned the Name of Lyle Rambo. who the undersigned thought because of his Cancer and lack of communication, was deceased or incapacitated? Sharons call to Lyle's wife 651-436-1793 at or around 4:30 pm to inquire as to what he has to do with 697 Surrey Ave. St.Paul, MN, if any. Lyle refused to answer the phone, Sharon stated it must be a court action. What do you have to do with Theft of Sharons Car,Trailer, Property etc. as Lyle Rambo's name is mentioned. Pursuant to the Penalitys of Perjury, Lyle Rambo, in 1992 was appointed POA, in the respect of illness's to the property at 697 Surrey Ave. St.Paul , released unpon the Murder of Sharons Husband 21Sept2000. Mrs. Sharon Anderson paid $5,000 Five thousand for the property, $2,000 for back taxes, Jim paid $2,000 for Furnace purchased at Boehm Heating. At all times material this tiny Home has been Homesteaded, with Disability Credits since 1992 in the Name of Husband and Wife Sharon and Jim Anderson. Please note 1992 was the 3rd and Maria Blast, when Sharon was Candidate for St.Paul Mayor against DFL at that time Norm Coleman Lyle Rambo in the past 17 years, has not set foot upon the property, paid any Electric,Water,Tax Bills or any payments of any kind to allege ownership. Please provide what ever documentation has cluttered the Abstract of this Property, Sharon is giving Legal Notice to file Criminal,Civil, Constitutional Charges when we figure out the Authority,Jurisdiction for our Claims. Forensic Evidence is pervase/fatal Phonebook results for Lyle Rambo Afton MN

Lyle Rambo (651) 436-7193 12560 15th St S, Afton, MN 55001
Lyle Rambo Afton MN - Google Search Lyle Rambo – Reduced from $367,900 to $349,400 Land reduced $18,500 FURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH NOT AT THIS TIME EXCEPT FOIA DEMAND FOR THE RECORDS TO DENY HOMESTEAD 17 YEARS LATER, WITHOUT PROPER DOCUMENTATION /s/ ECF_P165913_sa1299 Click here: Sharon4Council file4[1]Shar_thune_22.pdf - Google Docs Disclaimer on Site'sThe Electronic Communications Privacy Act MY FindLaw (ECPA) sets out the provisions for access, use, disclosure, interception and privacy protections of electronic communications. Sharon4Anderson Scribd pdf files. The law was enacted in 1986 and covers various forms of wire and electronic communications. According to the U.S. Code, electronic communications "means any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data, or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by a wire, radio, electromagnetic, photo electronic or photo optical system that affects interstate or foreign commerce." ECPA prohibits unlawful access and certain disclosures of communication contents. Additionally, the law prevents government entities from requiring disclosure of electronic communications from a provider without proper procedure. The Legal Institute provides Title 18 of the U.S. Code, which encompasses ECPA. Blogger: Dashboard AndersonAdvocates/ddaweborg.msnw NOTICE: This communication is not encrypted. This e-mail (including any attachments) is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2510-2521, and Electronic Communications Privacy Act The CAN-SPAM Act: Requirements for Commercial Emailers

Thurs 20Nov08
Bob Kessler Appointee/Director DSI Bob Kessler DSI St.Paul MN - Google Search
Abolish Property Taxes: False Records 697 Surrey Ave_Denial HS v.CitySt.Paul It has been brought to our attention that the city of st.Paul's web site has False Property Records; with the Bogus requirement of C/O Certificate of Occupancy at 697 Surrey transfrred to THEREFORE: Correct your records as C/O is not required or applied for, FURTHER: FOIA demand for who is making these false statements, as the undersigned must reopen numerous realestate files; Notice that Nov 08 Sharon has been paying $46.xx Car ins for over 2 years without a Ticket,Warrant, for th Theft of Sharons Car Trailer etc. PS: Criminal Complaints must be filed before Tax Court etc http://sharon4council.blogspot.comn

Sharon Anderson v. City St.Paul's False Records

Legal Notice to Bob Kessler Supervisor, Agent Dick Lippert, Maynard Vinge, Jean Laclare et al
Official Capacity, Individually,Severally, acting in concort with Jane Doe and Mary Roe to falsify property records at
THEREFORE: Remove the Bogus requirement of Certificate of Occupancy at 697 Surrey as not required
SharonsWritProA06_1150_30Jun06_26 reopen this RICO Pattern of Heinous Discrimination
please decend to particulars, provide a formal written complaint as to how you and your office are falseify records42 USC 3631 Thank YOu
Saint Paul Minnesota The most livable city in America.
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False Records 697 Surrey Ave_Denial HS v.CitySt.Paul

1058 Summit Ave, Illegal Taken by Denial Homestead Credits on the Senior and Disabled Owners in Fee Simple Absolute1988 to the Present in the RICO Pattern of "taking" another Property at 697 Surrey Ave a tiny 2 bedroom Homestead of Decedant Jim Anderson and his Spouse over 20+ years,1058SummitDuplex 325 N.Wilder 6unit,448Desnoyer Duplex 2194MarshallDuplex 697 Surrey the tiny Home on the Steep Hill,scrool your curser over the blue to read this Heinous, Arbitrary, Discriminatory Denial of 42 USC 3631Homestead an Disability Credits, taken recently with False Information 697 SurreySingleFamily
697 SURREY AVE -- Property Information --
Pin NumberZoning/UseHPC District
322922410053RT1 HPL-DB
Information disclaimer...
Data Disclaimer:- The City of Saint Paul and its officials, officers, employees or agents does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published by this system, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Portions of such information may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this system does so at his or her own risk.
List of Activity...
08 183690 000 00 CO 697 SURREY AVE Certificate of Occupancy Type: Residential Occupancy Type: Dwelling Units Renewal Due Date: Oct 28, 2008 Paid In Full = No Renewal Due
03 261735 DOG 00 XA SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE ECLIPS License# 20020000712 ECLIPS License - Animals SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE Type: Dog Senior (Lifetime) Entered on: 02/27/2003Active/Issued
02 000712 DOG 01 XA SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE ECLIPS License# 20020000712 ECLIPS License - Animals SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE Type: Dog Senior* Entered on: 02/12/2002Canceled
02 000712 DOG 00 XA SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE ECLIPS License# 20020000712 ECLIPS License - Animals SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE Type: Dog Senior* Entered on: 02/12/2002Canceled
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False Records 697 Surrey Ave v. City St.Paul

697 SURREY AVE -- Property Information --
Pin Number Zoning/Use HPC District
322922410053 RT1 HPL-DB
Information disclaimer...
Data Disclaimer:- The City of Saint Paul and its officials, officers, employees or agents does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published by this system, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Portions of such information may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this system does so at his or her own risk.
List of Activity...
Number Address Description Details Status
08 183690 000 00 CO 697 SURREY AVE Certificate of Occupancy Type: Residential Occupancy Type: Dwelling Units Renewal Due Date: Oct 28, 2008 Paid In Full = No Renewal Due
03 261735 DOG 00 XA SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE ECLIPS License# 20020000712 ECLIPS License - Animals SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE Type: Dog Senior (Lifetime) Entered on: 02/27/2003 Active/Issued
02 000712 DOG 01 XA SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE ECLIPS License# 20020000712 ECLIPS License - Animals SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE Type: Dog Senior* Entered on: 02/12/2002 Canceled
02 000712 DOG 00 XA SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE ECLIPS License# 20020000712 ECLIPS License - Animals SHARON ANDERSON - 697 SURREY AVE Type: Dog Senior* Entered on: 02/12/2002 Canceled
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sharon Anderson IRS_LawyersLicense



A. The practice of Law CAN NOT be licensed by any state/State Schware v. Board of Examiners, 353 U.S. 238, 239 B. The practice of Law is AN OCCUPATION OF COMMON RIGHT! Sims v. Aherns, 271 S.W. 720 (1925)

II. The "CERTIFICATE" from the State Supreme Court: ONLY authorizes,




A. It is a "UNION DUES CARD" B. The "BAR" is a "PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION." 1. Like the Actors Union, Painters Union, etc. 2. No other association, EVEN DOCTORS, issue their own license. ALL ARE ISSUED BY THE STATE. C. It is a NON-GOVERNMENTAL PRIVATE ASSOCIATION.

1. See Attorney General Dan Morales' letter. 2. As per this letter; the State does not issue licenses and they are not issued by his office!

IV. The State Bar is;

A. An Unconstitutional Monopoly, Article 1, Section 26, Texas Bill of Rights. B. A ILLEGAL & CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE; C. Violates Article 2, Section 1, Separation of Powers clause of the Constitution. D. There is NO POWER OR AUTHORITY for joining of Legislative, Judicial, or Executive as the BAR and SUPREME COURT OF TEXAS are doing. ALL MEMBERS OF BOTH ARE MONOPOLISTIC BAR MEMBERS! E. In violation of the RIGHT TO WORK LAWS of Texas.

V. State Bar Rules. . . at Article III, Section 2. . . Enrollment in the State Bar: "Each person who becomes licensed to practice law is REQUIRED TO ENROLL IN THE STATE BAR WITHIN 10 DAYS "BEFORE" OR "AFTER" RECEIVING A LICENSE TO PRACTICE LAW.


It is quite simple to see that a great fraud and conspiracy has been perpetrated on the people of Texas and America. The American Bar is an offshoot from London Lawyers' Guild and was established by people with treasonous goals in mind. They have accomplished 98% of their goals. The NEW WORLD ORDER is in the saddle NOW. American People start the job for them...or before their "NEW WORLD ORDER" bosses, the International Bankers, gain the remaining 2%. Texas and American Lawyers should check historical records. They will find that the first people "ELIMINATED" in a power shift (no matter who whines) are the lawyers and judges...for they always have proven themselves unworthy of any trust from either side!

"Woe unto you (A woe is a curse) Lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge; you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in you hindered..." Luke 11:52.


The founding Fathers who wrote our Constitution and formed our government, made it very clear that this was to be a FREE ENTERPRISE country and all Citizens are to be equal under Law and not a private capitalistic monopoly or cartel as they had experienced in Europe.

Under free enterprise system, any Citizen who was willing to risk his time and finances, can go into business. The public with the freedom of choice, can patronize this business or decide they don't like the service or product and stay away; whereas, in a private or a capitalistic system, only the privileged elite can go into certain businesses or professions such as had been practiced in Europe for ages, making the public their CAPTIVE CUSTOMERS.

The EUROPEAN BANKERS and FINANCIAL CARTELS decided to change AMERICA to the same system that they had so they could take over this government too, and sent some British lawyers over here to organize an American Bar Association on the same order as the English Bar where only Lords can be Judges and determine who shall practice law.

In 1909 they incorporated this TRAITOROUS group in the state of Illinois and had the State Legislature (which was under the control of lawyers) pass an unconstitutional law that only members of this powerful union of lawyers, called the ABA, could practice law and hold all the key positions in law enforcement and the making of laws. At that time, Illinois became an outlaw state and for all practical purposes, they seceded from the United States of America.

VII. The BAR ASSOCIATION then sent organizers to all the other states and explained to the lawyers there how much more profitable and secure it would be for them, as lawyers, to join this union and be protected by its bylaws and cannons. They issued to the lawyers in each state a charter from the Illinois organization. California joined in 1927 and a few reluctant states and their lawyers waited until the 1930's to join when the treasonous act became DE FACTO and the Citizen's became captives. Under this system, the lawyers could guarantee prejudged decisions for the privileged class against the lower class. This was all made possible by the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION to favor the right and have unlawfully substituted them in place of Constitutional Laws. What is the real difference between the dreaded "Klansman" in white robes and fiery crosses and the ABA "Klansmen" in the BLACK ROBES sitting on the bench? Aren't they as dictatorial as the KGB and the GESTAPO are accused of being? This has fulfilled Orwell's prediction for 1984 and made it a fact, THE BLACK ROBE CULT.

Various groups that have been lawfully stoned walled by the ABA and the courts suggest we join hands and file an initiative to abolish the Bar Association as there are 17 states where Citizens have the Right to do this by the voting process. If we can do this it will destroy, the power of the Bar in America with similar method they used to gain their power, state by state. Any Citizens who live in one of these 17 states, can do this, and if not in one of these states you can contribute to other states that can.

Who is going to run the Courts and practice law if we outlaw the BAR? The CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW COURTS and COMMON LAW non-Union COUNSELORS. I would like to remind you that the Constitution was written in plain English and the Statutes passed by Congress were also in plain English, with the intent of Congress how each law should be used and not the opinions of various Judges as the codes list.

Any normal person can read the Constitution and Statutes and understand them without any trouble. The public in California was shocked to learn that the State Government has no control or jurisdiction over the Bar Association or its members. The state does not accredit the law schools or hold Bar examinations. They do not issue state licenses to LAWYERS. The Bar Association accredits all the law schools, holds their private examinations and selects the students they will accept in their organization and issues them so-called license but keeps the fees for themselves.

The Bar is the only one that can punish or disbar a Lawyer. They also select the lawyers that they consider qualified for Judgeships and various other offices in the State.

Only the Bar Association or their designated committees can remove any of these lawyers from public office. The State Legislature will not change this system as they are also a designated committee of the Bar.

On August 21, 1984, Rose Bird, Chief Justice of the California State Supreme Court, another of the Bar Associations Judicial Committee's, stated in essence that the Bar should determine the legality of all initiatives before they were allowed to go on the ballot. This is contrary to both State and Federal Constitutions, as well as the Laws of this Nation instituted By and For the People as a Sovereign UNITY of Independent States of We The People, not a fraudulent Corporate entity of Lawyers.

This is a tremendous amount of power for a PRIVATE union that is incorporated and headquartered in Illinois to hold over the Citizens of California or any other state.

The only recourse is through this initiative process and vote by the people. After the Founding Fathers had formed the Constitution, outlining the laws as to the way our government was to be run, Thomas Jefferson said, in essence, "This proves that plain people, if given the chance, can enact laws and run a government as well as or better than royalty and the blue bloods of Europe."

The American people must stop thinking that lawyers are better than they are and can do a better job than they can before the courts of America. Under the Common Law and the Laws of America, no where is it expressly given for anyone to have the power or the right to form a Corporation. Corporations are given birth because of ignorance on the part of the American people and are operating under implied consent and power which they have usurped and otherwise stolen from the people. By RIGHT AND LAW THEY HAVE NO POWER, AUTHORITY OR JURISDICTION, and must be put out of business by the good Citizens of America in their fight for FREEDOM.

We cannot hope to reclaim our Country if we continue to let that beast stay in our bed and in our homes. It is imperative that we remove this demon from its throne and put OUR CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW COURTS and JUSTICE SYSTEM, back into effect. We must stop worrying about what someone else will think, this is our country and we have foreign entities attempting to take control of us and our Nation.

These children of Satan have nothing good in store for any of us, and those who are ignorant enough to believe their lies, deceit, and conspiracy, deserve just what they receive because they ask for it.


The small handful that are good must get on the right side and help us win our war, or they are not on our side. There can be no more sitting on the fence, people must decide which side they are on and fight. Lawyers that claim to be on our side and are later found out to be traitors, must be put to death as this is just what they have planned for all Americans, who do not abide by their rules and regulations. Americans cannot win the war if they allow traitors to infiltrate our tanks and get away with it. The enemy Americans are fighting is a deadly enemy, that care nothing for anyone out of their own ranks, and if you turn your back on them, you could be their next victim.


LAWYER AND LAWYER-JUDGE COURTS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Since the BIGGEST CRIMES in the world are committed in the courtrooms by lawyers and lawyer-judges AGAINST the people, as the lawyers and their bar associations, which are affiliated with each other INTERNATIONALLY, have joined in the INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM WITHIN (TREASON). They have already taken over the courts and the government, and ALL political parties, where they all take orders from ONE FRONT OFFICE, the offices of the internationally affiliated bar associations, make a ONE PARTY "SYSTEM," the BAR ASSOCIATION PARTY.

This necessitated and URGENT need to form a 2nd political party, the ANTI LAWYER PARTY, where all lawyers and those who attended law school are barred from this 2nd party (ALP).. All the states have unconstitutional aristocratic courts, as their constitutions and/or unconstitutional "lawyer systems" require judges to be lawyers, creating a RULING CLASS, which is FORBIDDEN by Article IV, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution, the 13th Amendment and Article I, Section 26 of the Texas Constitution.

XI. The U.S. Constitution GUARANTEES to every state in this union a REPUBLICAN FORM of government. Any other form of government is FORBIDDEN. No public officer or branch of government can be limited to a RULING CLASS of any kind, or the states become ARISTOCRACIES and NOT republics. Also, the lawyers have made themselves 1st Class Citizens, where many public offices and branches of government are open to lawyers only.

All other people are limited to only two branches of government and to only certain offices in those two branches of government, making all people who are non-lawyers into 2nd class subject citizens. When the courts belong to the people, as the United States Constitution REQUIRES, (Article IV, Section 4, we the people, will NEVER rule against themselves.

In these Unconstitutional courts foreign tribunals (hoodlum centers), "men" in black dresses, that are Unconstitutional ROBES OF NOBILITY. (Article 1, Section 9 and 10) with a lot of hanky panky and hocus pocus, dispense a perverted IDIOTology, where the people are terrorized by members of the BLACK ROBE CULT (lawyers and lawyer judges in the courtrooms.

The legislative branch of government does NOT have the Constitutional Power to issue Court Orders or any other kind of Orders.

ONLY presidents and governors have the Constitutional Power to grant PARDONS, but lawyers and lawyer-judges are unconstitutionally granting PARDONS with "immunity from prosecution."

Citizens are not permitted to act like people in the courts. The Citizen (2nd class) is told that he does not know how to fill out fancy lawyer forms; that he is not trained in the law; that he does not know court rules and procedures; etc.

This is Unconstitutional "lawyer system," only HEARSAY SUBSTITUTES (lawyers) NOT under oath, have access to the courts, even though ONLY sworn testimony and evidence can be presented in court. Anything else is Bill of Attainder, NOT permitted under the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Sections 9 and 10). The U.S. Constitution does NOT give anyone the right to a lawyer or the right to counsel, or the right to any other HEARSAY SUBSTITUTE. The 6th Amendment is very SPECIFIC, that the accused ONLY has the right to the ASSISTANCE of counsel and this ASSISTANCE of counsel CAN BE ANYONE THE ACCUSED CHOOSES WITHOUT LIMITATION.


Created Unconstitutional "lawyer system" pre-trial "motions" and "Hearings" to have eternal EXTORTIONISTIC litigations, which is BARRATRY and also is in violation of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 1, Section 14 of the Texas Constitution as this places defendants in DOUBLE JEOPARDY a hundred times over. Defendants only have a right to A TRIAL, NOT TRIALS.

When a criminal is freed on a TECHNICALITY, HE IS FREED BECAUSE OF A FIX and a PAY-OFF, as a defendant can only be freed if found innocent BY A JURY NOT BY ANY "TECHNICALITY."

Whenever a lawyer is involved in a case directly or indirectly, as a litigant or assisting in counsel, ALL LAWYER-JUDGES HAVE TO DISQUALIFY THEMSELVES, AS THERE CANNOT BE A CONSTITUTIONAL TRIAL and also there would be a violation of the conflict of interest laws, along with the violation of separation of powers and checks and balances, because "OFFICERS" OF THE COURT ARE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BENCH.

These same LAWYER-JUDGES are awarding or approving LAWYER FEES, directly and indirectly, amounting to BILLIONS OF DOLLARS annually, all in violation of conflict of interest laws.

Since crime and treason are against the law, and the lawyer profession is a crooked profession, a LEGAL BOUNTY should be placed on ALL LAWYERS (betrayers) and all those who are aiding and abetting these TRAITORS, the lawyers. As long as there are lawyers, there will never be any law, constitution or justice. There will only be MOB RULE, RULE BY A MOB OF LAWYERS (TRAITORS).


As CASE "LAW" IS ENACTED BY THE JUDICIAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. When a lawyer-judge instructs, directs, or gives orders to a jury, the lawyer-judge is TAMPERING WITH THE JURY. He also tampers with testimony when he orders the answers to be either "yes" or "No." The lawyer --judge also tampers, fixes, and rigs the trial when he orders anything stricken from the record, or when he "rules" certain evidence and the truth to be inadmissable. This makes the trial and transcript FIXED and RIGGED, because the jury does not hear the REAL TRUTH and ALL THE FACTS. Juries are made into puppets by the lawyers and lawyer-judges.

All lawyers are automatically in the judicial branch of government, as they have the Unconstitutional TITLE OF NOBILITY (Article 1, Section 9 and 10), "Officer of the court."

Citizens have to be elected or hired to be in any branch of government but non-lawyer Citizens are limited to only 2 of the 3 branches of government. Lawyers as 1st class citizens, can be hired or elected to any of the three branches of government. Lawyers, "Officers of the Court," in the Judicial Branch, are Unconstitutionally in 2 branches of government AT THE SAME TIME whenever they are hired or elected to the executive or legislative branches. This is a violation of the separation of powers, checks and balances, and the conflict of interest laws.

District attorneys and State's attorneys have taken over the Grand Juries FROM the people, where the people are DENIED ACCESS to the grand juries when they attempt to present evidence of crimes committed in the courtrooms by the lawyers and lawyer-judges. TRY TAKING THIS MATERIAL TO THE GRAND JURIES! The U.S. Constitution, being the Supreme Fundamental Law, is not and CANNOT be ambiguous as to be interpreted, or it would be a worthless piece of paper and we would have millions of interpretations (Unconstitutional amendments) instead of the few we have now. That is why all judges and public servants are SWORN TO SUPPORT the U.S. Constitution, NOT interpret it.

Imagine hypothetically how stupid it would be if any constitution stated, "that the judicial branch of government has the power to interpret this constitution."

ORGANIZED CRIME never existed until the BAR ASSOCIATION took over OUR COURTS and OUR GOVERNMENT. Now crime is organized internationally, just as the Bar Associations are organized. Some of their international affiliations include but are not limited to THE INTERNATIONAL JUDICIAL ASSOCIATION; INTERNATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION; WORLD PEACE THROUGH LAW CENTER; WORLD ASSEMBLY OF JUDGES: et al. This means that the Bar Associations are not only the INTERNATIONAL CRIME SYNDICATE, but also the INTERNATIONAL WORLD GOVERNMENT and INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST PARTY.


ALL LAWYERS, whether they left law school yesterday or 50 years ago, are EXACTLY THE SAME. All lawyers have to file the same motions and follow the same procedures in using the same Unconstitutional "lawyer system" of hanky panky and hocus pocus, and to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM WITHIN by always ruling AGAINST THE PEOPLE. ALL LAWYERS AND LAWYER JUDGES ARE GUILTY OF "TREASON."

In probate, the lawyers place themselves in everyone's will and estate. When there are minor children as heirs, the lawyer-judges appoint a lawyer (a child molesting Fagin) for EACH CHILD and, at times, the lawyer fees EXCEED the total amount of the estate.

An OUTRAGEOUS amount of TAX "MONEY" is directly and indirectly STOLEN BY LAWYERS. Money that is budgeted to County Boards, School Boards and other local and federal agencies eventually finds its way into the pockets of lawyers, as ALL of these agencies are "TRICKED" and "FORCED" into ETERNAL EXTORTIONISTIC LITIGATION.

In all elections, VOTE AGAINST ALL LAWYERS, never vote for a lawyer. Vote FOR NON-LAWYERS ONLY. If only lawyers are running for election to the same office, do NOT vote for any of them, as most are ALL ALIKE. All lawyers are programmed to be "TRAITORS AND INHUMAN CLONES."


Most importantly don't be afraid to use it. We are under vicious assault and we must make use of every resource we have, or give into their slavery. COPY AND SPREAD WIDELY, SEND COPIES TO THE CRIMINAL LAWYERS AND LAWYER-JUDGES.

II Corinthians 5:5. For we walk by faith, not by sight.

IRS Regulations MN - Google Search

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