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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday, July 28, 2007

St.Paul Forgivable Loans Repke's Honesty

Candidate Ward 2 Sharon Anderson
RICO charges v.
techinally Insider Trading with 68% Forgivable Loans
Millions in Actual Dollars: City Accountant for ped Tom Meyer 651-266-6604 Fax:651-228-3261
Anonymous said... Chuck Repke Minnesota - Google Search

On the home improvement issues and code compliance for seniors, if any of you hear of seniors who need work done on their properties and have financial issues, all three of the Community Development Corporations (CDC's) on the East Side have home improvement monies and on a regular basis will give either grants or "do on sale" loans to seniors. NENDC just last month gave a loan to a senior couple on SSI for a new roof 0% interest due on sale loan. So, they owe the money, but don't have to pay it until they sell the house, and they can live their forever. We are working with a senior couple now that got screwed by a private contractor on a chimney repair and the stack looks to be ready to fall off. Back before the money got tight, we were able to give out all of the money out in forgivable loans, (I have over $300,000 of those on the books) but now most of them are low interest loans. NENDC gives out $150,000 a year in low interest (3%) loans to low to moderate income residents on the East Side, ESNDC does the same and Dayton's Bluff NHS does at least twice that much. There are programs out there that can help. Don't just blow them off. All three agencies were started by East Side neighbors with the purpose of trying to help people stay in their houses and improve the general neighborhood. The boards are still just average East Side residents. Chuck Repke E.D. NENDC

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