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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Salarys Ramsey Co Attorneys Susan Gaertner_Jean Stepan

Government Salaries

Browse 2007 salary data for most of Minnesota's largest government employers, including averages, overtime and total salary paid. To review pay of public officals, government managers and highest-paid workers, click on a government name, then select a department.

Salary home Ramsey County

County Attorney

Median base payOvertime pay% Overtime payTotal pay
Ramsey County50,5984,338,4102.2199,270,000
County Attorney49,78981,5070.517,870,600
NameSalary yearJob titleYear hiredBase payOvertime payOther payTotal pay
Elaine Ashbaugh2007Asst County Attorney 4115,1910 115,191
Charles M Balck2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl122,9620 122,962
Janice K Barker2007Asst County Attorney 3104,6680 104,668
Kim E Bingham2007Asst County Attorney 3112,5430 112,543
Philip C Carruthers2007Division Dirctr-Co Atty - Uncl128,0010 128,001
Gary A Davis2007Asst County Attorney 4117,2640 117,264
Linda Derks2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl117,7140 117,714
Carl D Dietz2007Asst County Attorney 3112,5430 112,543
Richard J Diffatte2007Asst County Attorney 3100,4490 100,449
Melinda S Elledge2007Asst County Attorney 3112,3280 112,328
Esther S Feldman2007Dir of Admin-Cty Atty - Uncl91,8690 91,869
John T Freeman2007Asst County Attorney 3109,7070 109,707
Susan E Gaertner2007County Attorney - Uncl137,7300 137,730
Daniel J Hollihan2007Asst County Attorney 3112,1160 112,116
Susan J Hudson2007Asst County Attorney 3104,6680 104,668
Denise G Kapler2007Risk Management Director (Part-time)2007 0
James R Konen2007Asst County Attorney 42004117,2640 117,264
Karen K Kushner2007Asst County Attorney 3111,6850 111,685
Eric L Leonard2007Asst County Attorney 3100,3710 100,371
Darwin J Lookingbill2007Division Dirctr-Co Atty - Uncl127,7630 127,763
Mark N Lystig2007Asst County Attorney 4109,9040 109,904
David F Macmillan2007Asst County Attorney 3112,3320 112,332
Stephen P McLaughlin2007Asst County Attorney 32007103,6670 103,667
David E Miller2007Asst County Attorney 3112,0500 112,050
Steven R Pfaffe2007Asst County Attorney 32006109,9100 109,910
Robert A Plesha2007Asst County Attorney 4116,3820 116,382
Ann E Ploetz2007Asst County Attorney 4109,9040 109,904
Mark J Ponsolle2007Division Dirctr-Co Atty - Uncl2005127,7630 127,763
John A Rhodes2007First Asst County Atty - Uncl2004133,3170 133,317
Kathryn A Richtman2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl122,9620 122,962
Clayton M Robinson2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl122,9170 122,917
Bennett C Rosene2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl105,4700 105,470
Melissa Rossow2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl200587,0510 87,051
Jeanne L Schleh2007Asst County Attorney 4117,7170 117,717
Jeffrey G Stephenson2007Asst County Attorney 4104,2450 104,245
Dianne A Ward2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl (Part-time)200138,3330 38,333

About the data

The salary amounts presented here were provided to the Star Tribune by the State of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota and several local governments under the Minnesota Data Practices Act. The information was provided between March and June 2008 and do no refect any revisions or corrections that might have been made since.

The salary figures represent compensation that was paid or deferred in 2007 for base salary, overtime and other pay, which includes expense reimbursements or amounts earned for Public employee salaries in the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

Ramsey County

Median base payOvertime payPercent overtime payTotal pay
Ramsey County50,5984,338,4102.2199,270,000
DepartmentEmployeesPercent full timeMedian base payOvertime payPercent overtime payTotal pay
Examine data Board of County Commissioners2181.062,6682650.01,046,810
Examine data Community Corrections76269.652,612658,2932.131,768,300
Examine data County Attorney33190.349,78981,5070.517,870,600
Examine data County Manager11889.855,73879,2581.35,886,180
Examine data Courts4100.073,8507820.3297,254
Examine data Economic Development250.074,22100.0180,983
Examine data Emergency Management5398.146,751100,7814.92,036,960
Examine data Human Services108789.554,413287,8190.652,316,300
Examine data Information Services5794.776,11524,3880.64,256,840
Examine data Lake Owasso Residence14237.337,296206,5314.24,947,230
Examine data Law Library475.048,55900.0206,735
Examine data Libraries18127.635,9985,0260.14,371,870
Examine data Medical Examiner15100.053,85745,4325.9767,164
Examine data Parks & Recreation11567.041,77393,2512.34,141,770
Examine data Property Management7594.745,28720,6650.63,670,480
Examine data Property Records & Revenue14394.447,92276,4631.26,514,540
Examine data Public Defender4264.397,547380.02,933,300
Examine data Public Health30364.457,29964,8400.512,566,500
Examine data Public Works12198.350,795327,2405.16,381,250
Examine data Ramsey County Extension Services1 26,92700.05,805
Examine data Ramsey Nursing Home24737.732,906198,3762.96,869,850
Examine data Regional Rail Authority1090.081,47400.0724,464
Examine data Sheriff43199.854,1882,062,5708.424,675,500
Examine data Soil & Water Conservation District475.041,60000.0180,813
Examine data Veteran Services4100.064,84000.0259,108
Examine data Workforce Solutions8484.561,1704,8870.14,393,620

About the data

The salary amounts presented here were provided to the Star Tribune by the State of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota and several local governments under the Minnesota Data Practices Act. The information

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