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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, July 19, 2010


Are the Ruling Class of "Licensed Lawyers" Salarys in the MN Budget,re: 87 Co. Attorneys,cityattorneys,State AG's Breaking the MN Budget.? VOTE SHARON ANDERSON 4MNAG TO DOWNSIZE GOVERNMENT

Ramsey County's Sheriff's Office Sharons update re: 62cv09-1163(VAndenorth) 62cv10-112(Lindman) RICO Complaints of Tax/Election,Bank,Fraud, Sharons online Banking at Property 697 Surrey,St.Paul,MN re: Mark Oswald,Laua Manning,Chris Samuel acting in concort with

Picture of the sheriff

Sheriff Bob Fletcher Law Enforcement Center 425 Grove Street St. Paul, MN 55101

Welcome to the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department web site.

From: To:,, Sent: 7/19/2010 12:50:12 P.M. Central Daylight Time Subj: Public employee salaries in the Twin Cities and M
To the above named: Sharon is appalled that State AG's apparantly make less than Co. Attorneys, specifically Ramsey Co.
Further: current DFL AG Lori Swanson: Bizzare: Sharon the Educator to Save Money must Teach Legal Access to the Courts, Pro Se, Saving the Taxpayers/Voters Money.
Most important issue:I will continue to be a strong advocate for ordinary citizens. Special interests hire armies of lawyers and lobbyists to represent them, while people of more modest means often face a stacked deck when treated unfairly.

Salary home State of Minnesota Research via Mpls Strib

Sharon Candidate 4 MNAG using Strib 2007 Salary Research must inform the Public of City,County,State Attorneys Salarys on the Backs of the Poor
not listed is the Judiciary re: MINNESOTA JUDICIAL REFORM AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Our Minnesota "Justice" System and the Gildea Article: via @addthis
twitted by Don Mashak, transferred to DFL LoriSwanson's Published :
He might be head of state, but the governor is not Minnesota's highest paid government employee. A state law caps local government pay at about $145,000, or 10 percent higher than the governor, while some jobs (and all U positions), are exempt from the cap.

Tubby Smith Head Coach University of Minnesota $1,009,616

Robert Bruininks President University of Minnesota $423,000

Janis Amatuzio Medical Examiner Anoka County $196,154

Richard Johnson County Administrator Hennepin County $159,033

Lee Ehmke Director Minnesota Zoo $155,792

Susan Gaertner County Attorney Ramsey County $137,730

John Harrington Chief Of Police City of St. Paul $126,926

Tim Pawlenty Governor State of Minnesota $119,850

OrganizationEmployeesPercent full timeMedian base payOvertime payPercent overtime payTotal pay State of Minnesota3286184.747,19537,086,7002.41,539,340,032 Anoka County248968.344,9042,399,9602.499,847,200 Carver County86869.945,739823,2582.434,005,800 Dakota County196579.452,9851,024,9001.194,870,800 Hennepin County974671.852,2666,520,4501.6409,056,000 Ramsey County435777.850,5984,338,4102.2199,270,000 Washington County145587.244,4911,173,3402.156,001,700 City of Minneapolis717168.145,02410,153,0003.8266,744,992 City of St. Paul475164.244,308180,458,000 Metropolitan Council352387.348,256183,124,992 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities1704685.548,9195,641,5300.61,021,820,032 University of Minnesota-Crookston25581.639,60368,6210.611,011,800 University of Minnesota-Duluth154081.047,382346,5900.481,370,096 University of Minnesota-Morris42679.142,70225,5000.118,573,600 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities1916464.148,37816,991,0002.0850,788,992

About the data

The salary amounts presented here were provided to the Star Tribune by the State of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota and several local governments under the Minnesota Data Practices Act. The information was provided between March and June 2008 and do no refect any revisions or corrections that might have been made since.

The salary figures represent compensation that was paid or deferred in 2007 for base salary, overtime and other pay, which includes expense reimbursements or amounts earned for working weekends or nights. The monetary value of employee benefits, such as health insurance, or payments to pension plans are not included.

Attorney General

Median base payOvertime pay% Overtime payTotal pay
State of Minnesota47,19537,086,7002.41,539,340,032
Attorney General57,78258,7810.319,775,400
NameSalary yearJob titleYear hiredBase payOvertime payOther payTotal pay
Daniel Lavi Abelson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200770,4240070,424
Hollice Allen2007M2 (Attorney General's Office)199985,1280085,128
Steven H Alpert2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2000101,11700101,117
Anita M Anderson2007M2 (Attorney General's Office)200770,7370070,737
Julia E Anderson2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005106,72500106,725
Kristyn M Anderson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200060,4450060,445
Karen Beth Andrews2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200730,3160030,316
Alison Archer2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200755,1730055,173
James P Barone2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200790,9500090,950
Angela M Behrens2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200749,11703,88152,998
Brian M Bergson2007M2 (Attorney General's Office)200783,0550083,055
Jeffrey S Bilcik2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2000102,43700102,437
Ann K Bloodhart2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005106,72500106,725
Nathan A Brennaman2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200725,0000025,000
Beverly A Bryant2007S3 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)199982,8690082,869
Marcus D Campbell2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200731,9800031,980
James W Canaday2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200800
Martin Avery Carlson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200471,6670071,667
Noah Cashman2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2000100,14700100,147
Martha J Casserly2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)199996,5040096,504
Manuel J Cervantes2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200696,8290096,829
Margaret Chutich2007S3 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)199963,8160063,816
Christian J Clapp2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200726,6560026,656
Jeanne Cochran2007S3 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200578,8990078,899
Ann E Cohen2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)199998,1880098,188
Beverly Conerton2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2000101,57100101,571
Richard P Cool2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1999103,19800103,198
Gary R Cunningham2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1998103,75700103,757
Susan E Damon2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200793,2020093,202
Rita R Coyle DeMeules2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2006100,29300100,293
Marsha E Devine2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)199879,7260079,726
Brian Andrew Dillon2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200769,7460069,746
Ian M Dobson2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200733,7980033,798
James B Early2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)199594,3830094,383
Melissa J Eberhart2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200062,9360062,936
Joan M Eichhorst2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200577,6670077,667
Christie B Eller2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005107,13300107,133
Ryan Craig Ellis2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200800
Gail A Feichtinger2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200740,0530040,053
Benjamin J Feist2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200721,1130021,113
Charles V Ferguson2007M2 (Attorney General's Office)200285,1280085,128
Richard L Finch2007M2 (Attorney General's Office)199982,7710082,771
Paige M Fitzgerald2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200573,9570073,957
Rory H Foley2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)199784,3020084,302
Matthew G Frank2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2007103,93900103,939
Tibor M Gallo2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)198988,8060088,806
John B Galus2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)197998,1540098,154
John S Garry2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1999103,08000103,080
Jonathan Geffen2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200775,2950075,295
Gabriel R Gervey2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200730,1200030,120
Alan I Gilbert2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)1995115,56500115,565
Ronald M Giteck2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200187,5600087,560
Daniel Stuart Goldberg2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200698,0010098,001
Emerald A Gratz2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200661,1620061,162
Theresa Meinholz Gray2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200062,9270062,927
Douglas Jerome Gregor2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)199097,2150097,215
Barry R Greller2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200492,7890092,789
Tamar N Gronvall2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)200794,0870094,087
John Gross2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200720,4030020,403
Steven M Gunn2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005113,08300113,083
Kyle R Gustafson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200767,0260067,026
James Eric Haase2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200575,6650075,665
Karen A Finstad Hammel2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200085,1430085,143
Mary Ann L Hammer2007M1 (Attorney General's Office)200358,8940058,894
Shannon M Harmon2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200752,9770052,977
Jeffrey J Harrington2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200800
Nathan Webster Hart2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200594,1430094,143
Nathan James Hartshorn2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200765,4660065,466
Jennifer J. Hasbargen2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200746,5970046,597
Cara M Hawkinson2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200658,4410058,441
Leah M Hedman2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200658,1610058,161
Darryl J Henchen2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200666,9260066,926
Carla J Heyl2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2007105,95800105,958
Gregory P Huwe2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1999106,05700106,057
David P Iverson2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2002100,68200100,682
Margaret E Jacot2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200751,978031752,295
Cynthia B Jahnke2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200561,6320061,632
Anna E Jenks2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200746,0790046,079
Gina D Jensen2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200560,6300060,630
Linda S Jensen2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2000100,39100100,391
Bernard E Johnson2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200786,4850086,485
Erik M Johnson2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200683,8760083,876
Gunnar B Johnson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200161,5790061,579
Nancy J Joyer2007S3 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200076,3730076,373
Samantha K Juneau2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200680,0900080,090
Christopher Michael Kaisershot2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200383,4340083,434
Kelly S Kemp2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2007105,89300105,893
Paul R Kempainen2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200093,8120093,812
Angela Helseth Kiese2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2002100,33000100,330
Wm F Klumpp2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005111,99100111,991
P Kenneth Kohnstamm2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005108,77700108,777
David J Koob2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200678,3620078,362
Peter John Krieser2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200092,7050092,705
William Kuretsky2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1990104,02600104,026
Steven P LaPierre2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200568,4920068,492
Amy R Lawler2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)20075,070005,070
Jeffrey F Lebowski2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005106,72500106,725
Julie Leppink2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2002100,39100100,391
Mark B Levinger2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2003103,63400103,634
Francis C Ling2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005106,72500106,725
Leanne G Litfin2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)199887,3620087,362
Daphne A Lundstrom2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200736,0970036,097
Peter Magnuson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200584,8890084,889
Audrey K Manka2007S3 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)199881,1100081,110
Peter R Marker2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005106,72500106,725
Blaine Anthony Markuson2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200315,2870015,287
Stephen B Masten2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1999101,13400101,134
Tricia L Matzek2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200653,4700053,470
Elizabeth McAfee2007M2 (Attorney General's Office)200674,4770074,477
Sarah A McGee2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200750,8630050,863
Mary Rebekkah McKinley2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200767,5410067,541
Valerie Michelle Means2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200591,0680091,068
David W Merchant2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1999102,52700102,527
Kimberly Jean Middendorf2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200768,3470068,347
Kelly O'Neill Moller2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200761,8600061,860
Donald J Mueting2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005106,72500106,725
Jon K Murphy2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1972101,13400101,134
Tiernee Marie Murphy2007M3 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200774,0730074,073
Willow Najjar2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200764,4530064,453
Carmen Lynn Netten2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)199959,8890059,889
Thomas M O'Hern2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)199885,9750085,975
Kristen Marie Olsen2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2007105,80000105,800
Jocelyn F Olson2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1975104,94000104,940
Karen Diane Olson2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)200760,8940060,894
Thomas K Overton2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)199896,7410096,741
Michele M Owen2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)199997,3530097,353
Jessica Ann Palmer-Denig2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200795,3420095,342
Kimberly Ross Parker2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200459,8930059,893
Deborah R Peterson2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2006106,72500106,725
David L Phillips2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)199888,1990088,199
Terence R Pohlkamp2007M2 (Attorney General's Office)199684,2850084,285
Lawrence W Pry2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200582,5300082,530
Kenneth E Raschke2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1999104,71000104,710
Robert B Roche2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200482,8510082,851
Charles O Roehrdanz2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200759,5970059,597
Gregory J Schaefer2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200576,1460076,146
Eric Peter Schieferdecker2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200578,4860078,486
Jill Donna Schlick2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200377,2140077,214
Patrick Arthur Shrake2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200633,3810033,381
Michael A Sindt2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)199887,6430087,643
Elizabeth L Snyder2007M1 (Attorney General's Office)200658,8940058,894
Patricia A Sonnenberg2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)1999103,33800103,338
Rebecca Spartz2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)1996106,73000106,730
William T Stamets2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200721,1130021,113
Erika Sue Schneller Sullivan2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200777,2300077,230
Lori R Swanson2007Attorney General2007113,95100113,951
Jeffery S Thompson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200083,8260083,826
Michael J Tostengard2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200298,6860098,686
Andrew J Tourville2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)199884,8130084,813
Binh Thanh Tuong2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200337,7270037,727
Richard L Varco2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2007106,72500106,725
Thomas C Vasaly2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200299,3040099,304
David S Voigt2007M3 (Attorney General's Office)2005113,32100113,321
Robin Christopher Vue-Benson2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200763,5930063,593
Joel A Watne2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)198099,6990099,699
Patrick D Whiting2007S1 (Attorney General's Office)200754,5520054,552
Alan C Williams2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)199595,4860095,486
Barbara Ellen Berg Windels2007S2 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200748,0880048,088
Kathleen Winters2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)2005100,15700100,157
Kathryn M Woodruff2007S3 (Attorney General's Office) (Part-time)200578,8080078,808
Alfred Zdrazil2007S3 (Attorney General's Office)200750,9180050,918
Kari Valley Zipko2007S2 (Attorney General's Office)200769,6730069,673

County Attorney

Median base payOvertime pay% Overtime payTotal pay
Ramsey County50,5984,338,4102.2199,270,000
County Attorney49,78981,5070.517,870,600
NameSalary yearJob titleYear hiredBase payOvertime payOther payTotal pay
Elaine Ashbaugh2007Asst County Attorney 4115,1910115,191
Charles M Balck2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl122,9620122,962
Janice K Barker2007Asst County Attorney 3104,6680104,668
Kim E Bingham2007Asst County Attorney 3112,5430112,543
Philip C Carruthers2007Division Dirctr-Co Atty - Uncl128,0010128,001
Gary A Davis2007Asst County Attorney 4117,2640117,264
Linda Derks2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl117,7140117,714
Carl D Dietz2007Asst County Attorney 3112,5430112,543
Richard J Diffatte2007Asst County Attorney 3100,4490100,449
Melinda S Elledge2007Asst County Attorney 3112,3280112,328
Esther S Feldman2007Dir of Admin-Cty Atty - Uncl91,869091,869
John T Freeman2007Asst County Attorney 3109,7070109,707
Susan E Gaertner2007County Attorney - Uncl137,7300137,730
Daniel J Hollihan2007Asst County Attorney 3112,1160112,116
Susan J Hudson2007Asst County Attorney 3104,6680104,668
Denise G Kapler2007Risk Management Director (Part-time)20070
James R Konen2007Asst County Attorney 42004117,2640117,264
Karen K Kushner2007Asst County Attorney 3111,6850111,685
Eric L Leonard2007Asst County Attorney 3100,3710100,371
Darwin J Lookingbill2007Division Dirctr-Co Atty - Uncl127,7630127,763
Mark N Lystig2007Asst County Attorney 4109,9040109,904
David F Macmillan2007Asst County Attorney 3112,3320112,332
Stephen P McLaughlin2007Asst County Attorney 32007103,6670103,667
David E Miller2007Asst County Attorney 3112,0500112,050
Steven R Pfaffe2007Asst County Attorney 32006109,9100109,910
Robert A Plesha2007Asst County Attorney 4116,3820116,382
Ann E Ploetz2007Asst County Attorney 4109,9040109,904
Mark J Ponsolle2007Division Dirctr-Co Atty - Uncl2005127,7630127,763
John A Rhodes2007First Asst County Atty - Uncl2004133,3170133,317
Kathryn A Richtman2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl122,9620122,962
Clayton M Robinson2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl122,9170122,917
Bennett C Rosene2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl105,4700105,470
Melissa Rossow2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl200587,051087,051
Jeanne L Schleh2007Asst County Attorney 4117,7170117,717
Jeffrey G Stephenson2007Asst County Attorney 4104,2450104,245
Dianne A Ward2007Asst Div Dir-Co Atty - Uncl (Part-time)200138,333038,333

City Attorney

Median base payOvertime pay% Overtime payTotal pay
City of St. Paul44,308180,458,000
City Attorney63,3354,685,760
NameSalary yearJob titleYear hiredBase payOvertime payOther payTotal pay

About the data
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