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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


ALL BRANCHS EXECUTIVE,LEGISLATIVE,JUDICIAL,Gov.Tim.Pawlenty,Justice Lori Gildea,Speaker Margaret Anderson Kehiler,agents,assigns,All Candidates 2010 Elections,County and State Canvass Board, Sheriff Bob.Fletcher,All Software Systems ie: SOS Internal Election SystemsAgencies,John Doe,Mary Roe
CANDIDATE SHARON ANDERSON4MNAG http://www.sharonswater.blogspot.comn/ aka In re: Scarrella4Justice 221NW2d562 does not concede to Candidates 4 Attorney General_R_MormanBishop_Psyc_Lawyer Chris Barden Separation of Church,State and DFL Lori Swanson Separation Powers MN Const Art. III
To the Above Named: Attention Sec. State Mark Ritchie, Great Site for Electronic Files with New Laws Candidate R_Sharon Anderson4MNAG and I_BillDahn4MNAG must notify ALL to prevent the 2008 Us Senator Election sceniero: We believe that there may be Problems with the Software Programs triggering Constitutional ChalleSeparation Of Church And State
Separation Of Church And State - Understand the concept of the Establishment Clause in the context of the time and the framers of the constitution. - Cached - Similarnge of County and State Canvass Boards.
Separation of Powers Under the United States Constitution
Cases, notes, questions, and images relating to the separation of the powers. - Cached - Similar Constitutionality of MS204B.06 sub8 exempting Judges,Co.Attrys,Sheriffs from Disclosure.
THEREFORE: In Good Faith and the Commerce Clause of Good Will, We are notifying ALL Candidates to check the 87 Countys Canvass Board and Members and Software meeting Fri the 13thAug10, triggerin the State Canvass meeting Tues 17Aug10 QUESTIONS: TO ALL CANDIDATES: Please check the Software Election/Tax Systems in your Countys to prevent Voter Fraud. informed by Election Officials Bradley Anderson(No relative) and Gary Poser 615-215-1440, re: Chapter 204B - ELECTIONS; GENERAL PROVISIONS (pdf) MS204B.06sub8 By info and belief: SOS Software is Internal to work with 87 County's re: Elections. unk at this time Ramsey Co has ESand Systems Washington Co.? STATE CANVASS BOARD

Date: August 11, 2010 To: Sharon Anderson From: Brad Anderson

Election Administrator Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Subject: State Canvassing Board Meeting for 2010 State Primary

The 2010 State Canvassing Board Meeting for the 2010 State Primary is scheduled to be held at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 in the Basement Hearing Room of the State Office Building. At this time the following people are expected to be the members of the State Canvassing Board:

(1)Secretary of State Mark Ritchie(2)The Honorable Lorie Skjerven Gildea Chief Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court(3)The Honorable David R. StrasAssociate Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court(4)The Honorable Susan Miles District Court Judge, Tenth Judicial District(5) The Honorable Gregg E. Johnson District Court Judge, Second Judicial District

I hope that this information is useful. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you for contacting the Office of the Secretary of State with your concerns. NOTICE: E-mail correspondence to and from the Office of the Secretary of State of Minnesota may be public data subject to the Minnesota Data Practices Act and/or may be disclosed to third parties

Ramsey County's Sheriff's Office

Picture of the sheriff

Sheriff Bob Fletcher Law Enforcement Center 425 Grove Street St. Paul, MN 55101

Welcome to the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department web site. Ramsey Co. Joe Mansky Phone: 651-266-2171 651-266-2177 Fax Email: Ramsey Co.Canvass Board(1) Mark Oswald Dir. Elections/taxes (2) Larry Dease 2nd Judicial Court Administrator (3) Mayor Chris Coleman designee Shari Moore St.Paul City Clerk (4)Ramsey Co Victoria Reinhardt aka Mrs.Barone(DFL)AssitAG(5)Tony Bennet Co.Board.

VoteTrustUSA - Election Systems and Software (ES&S)

Our purpose is to support grass roots groups in their efforts to change laws and regulations governing voting systems and election administration, ... - Cached - Similar

By information and belief Ramsey Co. EEandS may have "clitches" re: re TAXES: re: Ramsey Dist. Court File 62cv09-1163 (Vandenorth) 62cv10-110 (Lindman) pending:

Candidate BillDahn4MNAG I_ Washington Co Software Provider unk at this time

Click here: election systems and software - Google Search

From: Judy Wertheimer __________________________________________________ Gary Kriesel, County Commissoner District 3__________________________________________________ Lisa Weik, County Commissoner District__________________________________________________ Molly F. O'Rourke, County Auditorb52 NOTE former Ramsey County Court Official who Sharon sued.

Kimberlee K. Blaeser, for William Hargis Mayor City of Woodbury Jennifer Schlieper, for Annette Fritz, District Court Administrator

Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1:32 PM To: '' Subject: Re; Canvass Board

Judy WertheimerAs appears by the returns of said election in the several precincts in WASHINGTON County, duly returned to, filed, opened, and canvassed, and now remaining on file in the office of the county auditor. Witness our official signature at Washington County Government Center 14949 62nd, Street North, Stillwater, MN in WASHINGTON County this 13th day of August, 2010.

Office Specialist

Washington County, MNSystems&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=6a14a66f69c6338

Further Affiants Sayeth not at this time
Sharon4 Anderson - Google Profile ,Candidate 2010 iGoogle Homestead Act of 1862 Blogger: User Profile: Sharon Anderson SharonsYahoo! Shar1058's Buzz Activity Page - My Buzz Activity - Yahoo! Buzz political ?(Sharon4Anderson?) Sharon Anderson's Blog Click here: Sharon4Council file4[1]Shar_thune_22.pdf - Google Docs Disclaimer on Site'sThe Electronic Communications Privacy Act MY FindLaw (ECPA) sets out the provisions for access, use, disclosure, interception and privacy protections of electronic communications. Sharon4Anderson Scribd pdf files. The law was enacted in 1986 and covers various forms of wire and electronic communications. According to the U.S. Code, electronic communications "means any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data, or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by a wire, radio, electromagnetic, photo electronic or photo optical system that affects interstate or foreign commerce." ECPA prohibits unlawful access and certain disclosures of communication contents. Additionally, the law prevents government entities from requiring disclosure of electronic communications from a provider without proper procedure. The Legal Institute provides Title 18 of the U.S. Code, which encompasses ECPA. Blogger: Dashboard NOTICE: This communication is not encrypted. This e-mail (including any attachments) is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2510-2521, and
Electronic Communications Privacy Act The CAN-SPAM Act: Requirements for Commercial Emailers
/s/ Bill Dahn 42 USC 3631 Homestead at 256 Morton St. W.St.Paul,MN ECF:#P1291866 Ojj_Sioux #408B1911 Candidate MN_AG_2010 Homestead Act of 1862

Abolish Property Taxes 3




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