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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tues. 14June2011
To the Above Named:DFL Gov. Mark Dayton all agencies, Ramsey Co. Political Subdivision, City_County Attorneys, Manatron Software, Title Examiner Wayne Anderson,All Commissioners, BOA Appointees Chair Tienne Linden,et al Mark Oswald Auditor, City St.Paul, Council KathyLantry et al,clerk Shari Moore,Mayor Chris Coleman, John Doe Mary Roe, those acting in concort, similarily situated:
Click here: Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws (Paperback) Shut the MN Government Down to eliminate "non essential employees", Boards,NonProfits costing the Middle Class Homeowners Repugnant Taxaction without Representation
Count I 42USC 3631

Your Appointment date to appear before the Ramsey County Special Board of Appeals and Equalization is Tuesday June 14th at 12:45 pm at 90 West Plato and you will receive a letter in the next few days confirming this date and time for our records.

Click here: SharonsAppealBOA_RamboTitle18s1001 Sharon has over 168 Forensic Files unabated by Public Officials 4 Complicity,Greed.
Count I ITitle 18s1001
Criminal Charges against Lyle Rambo for False Statements signing a Hud Doc. stating e and Affiants 2nd Husband James R. Anderson a Disabled Vet (Korea) were Single when both were Married 1992 as on file with the Ramsey Co. Recorders Office: mandating a quiet title re: Criminal Code, and Grand Jury Inquiry.
THEREFORE: the "takings" of Sharon Anderson's Realestate,Commerce etc. Disabled HS Credits are bizzare
Of interest Sharons Tax Fight with City St.Paul and Ramsey Co. Board Equalization delegating Authority and not the Salarys of $300 daily, burdensome to the Homeowners_taxpayers
From: To: CC:, Sent: 6/10/2011 1:51:22 P.M. Central Daylight Time Subj: SHARONSCHALLENGE BOE_CARTERRES174.PDF
Due to the Fact the E-mails of the persons appointed to the BOE is not forth coming Affiant is challenging the qualifications of Appointments Constitutionality of MS274.13 as faxed Fri.June10th,2011 to Clerk 697 Surrey_Abatement_Man… 12 months ago,
Count III Separation of Powers
Affiant alleges No Statute of Limitations on Fraud or Murder re: Lou McKenna's Indictment's as Ramsey Co. Auditor Decedant John Finley, Decedant Warran Shaber Decedants Dennis Lubins former owner 697 Surrey, Decedant James R. Anderson,Decedants Bill and Bernice A. Peterson Tenants in Common 1058 Summit etc.
Notice to BOAE hereinafter Board of Appeal_Equalization chair Tienne Linden, retired financial officer from Western Bank appointed by Ramsey Commissioner Jim McDonough ,
must refer the entire matter's to the Ramsey Co. Board and its Attorney John Choi former City St.Paul Attorney re: Theft,Trespass,Treason "takings" without Just Compensation for the past 25 years based on MS609.43 Misconduct of Public Officials to reduce Sharon and her Family to Poverty. triggering an alleged "Tax Forclosure 2013"
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