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OT11 Merits Cases Arizona v. United StatesArmour v. IndianapolisAstrue v. CapatoBlueford v. ArkansasCaraco v. Novo NordiskCavazos v. WilliamsChristopher v. SmithKline Beecham Corp.Coleman v. Maryland Court of AppealsCompuCredit v. GreenwoodCredit Suisse Securities v. SimmondsDorsey v. United StatesDouglas v. Cal. Pharm. Ass'nDouglas v. In. Liv'g Ctr. of S. Cal.Douglas v. S.R. M. HospitalElgin v. Dep't of the TreasuryFAA v. CooperFCC v. FoxFilarsky v. DeliaFirst Am. Financial Corp. v. EdwardsFlorence v. Board of FreeholdersFla. v. Dept. Health and Human ServicesFlorida v. JardinesFreeman v. Quicken Loans Inc.Golan v. HolderGonzalez v. ThalerGreene v. FisherHall v. United StatesHill v. United StatesHolder v. GutierrezHolder v. SawyersHosanna-Tabor Church v. EEOCHowes v. FieldsJackson v. HobbsJudulang v. HolderKappos v. HyattKawashima v. HolderKiobel v. Royal Dutch PetroleumKloeckner v. SolisKnox v. SEIUKurns v. Railroad Friction ProductsLafler v. CooperM.B.Z. v. ClintonMagner v. GallagherMaples v. ThomasMartel v. ClairMartinez v. RyanMatch-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish v. PatchakMayo v. Prometheus LaboratoriesMesserschmidt v. MillenderMiller v. AlabamaMims v. Arrow Financial ServicesMinneci v. PollardMissouri v. FryeMohamad v. RajoubNat'l Fed. of Ind. Business v. SebeliusNational Meat Association v. HarrisPacific Operators v. ValladolidPerry v. DavisPerry v. New HampshirePerry v. PerezPerry v. PerezPPL Montana, LLC v. MontanaRadLAX v. Amalgamated BankRehberg v. PaulkReichle v. HowardsReynolds v. United StatesRoberts v. Sea-Land ServicesSackett v. EPASalazar v. PatchakSalazar v. Ramah Navajo ChapterSetser v. United StatesSmith v. CainSouthern Union Company v. United StatesTaniguchi v. Kan Pacific Saipan, Ltd.H.H.S. v. Fla.United States v. AlvarezUnited States v. BormesUnited States v. Home Concrete & SupplyUnited States v. JonesVartelas v. HolderVasquez v. United StatesWilliams v. IllinoisWood v. Milyard Why Jones is still less of a pro-privacy decision than most thought (Conclusion slightly revised Jan. 31) – Tom GoldsteinOpinion analysis: An exercise in statutory construction – Steven SchwinnJones confounds the press – Tom Goldstein

Magner v. Gallagher

Docket No. Op. Below Argument Opinion Vote Author Term

10-1032 8th Cir. Feb 29, 2012


Disclaimer: Goldstein & Russell, P.C. serves as counsel to the respondents in this case.

Issue: (1) Whether disparate impact claims are cognizable under the Fair Housing Act; and, if so (2) what test should be used to analyze them.

Plain English Issue: (1) Whether a lawsuit can be brought for a violation of the Fair Housing Act based on a practice that is not discriminatory on its own, but has a discriminatory effect; and, if so, (2) how should courts determine whether a practice has a discriminatory effect and violates the Act?

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Brief of Henry G. Cisneros

Brief of AARP and Mount Holly Gardens Citizens In Action

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21Freeman v. Quicken Loans (10-1042)

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Wood v. Milyard (10-9995)


28Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum (10-1491)

Mohamad v. Palestinian Authority (11-88)

29Magner v . Gallagher (10-1032)

Armour v. City of Indianapolis (11-161)







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REVISED REPLY- I apologize for the typos in the first version. There aren’t plaintiffs in these cases in no small part because...

Rick Nagel on 1/23 at 5:38 pm

Rick Nagel – 1 Promoted Comment There aren’t, no doubt, because those displaced by racial preferences lack either the courage,...

Rick Nagel on 1/23 at 5:33 pm

There aren't, no doubt, because those displaced by racial preferences lack either courage,conviction or,perhaps, both. In Parents...

Rick Nagel on 1/23 at 3:59 pm

I wish there were more of these cases, too, Mr. Nagel -- but the point is that there aren't, even though the underlying discrimination...

Roger Clegg on 1/23 at 10:43 am

I thank the staff at Scotusblog for permitting this exchange to continue and moving Roger Clegg's surrebuttal to the right spot. What...

roxanne friedman on 1/21 at 11:02 am

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2/22United States v. Alvarez

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