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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday, January 20, 2013

MichaelAhrndt_vs_CitySt.Paul_Mandate ResignationKathyLantry_JerryHendericksen

St.Paul City Council Wed.16Jan2013"tak the cursor almost to end re: Michael Ahrndt 1
  901 Maryland Ave.St.Paul,MN. day trying to transpose the Video Lantry should look at herself She is a Horror Vampire with Counsel Jerry Hendericksen
                              ISSUES: COUNT I MS609.43
 Illegal Cities Ratification of Fees,Excessive Consuption based on Theft by Swindle, Ahrndt_1901 Condemnation_Demolition  $12,xxx.xx          COUNT II
                                        Theft,Trespass,Treason is NOT Public Improvement
                               In Fact Lantry's Cruel,Unsual Punishment via Death,Disabilitys,Disparagment of Titles is Bizzare.
                                                Illegal Takings without Just Compensation of Sharons Car,Trailer, Ratified as Taxes with 12% interest, then Mark Oswald, his Assistant Laura Manning refusing to account for $2,680.09.

                                    Legal Notice to Hon.Mark Dayton_Gov_Superintendant Indian Affairs, MN Revenue Myron Frams.
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Click here: Sharon Anderso
Michael Ahrndt 1901 Maryland, Melvin Carter, Horror Show via
n                   Wed 16Jan2013 Mike Ardnt 1901 Maryland Ave St.Paul,MN Demo without "due process" item42 Similar to Item no 44 Ratification 559McKnight Theft by Swindle. 651-738-9696 Sharon Affiant also Victimized 651-776-5835 Illegal Ratification of Fees Theft of Car,Trailer,Personal Property etc.
Click here: CONTACTS | Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribe JimAnderson, Watching Cable City St.Paul is out of Control.
Will try to assist as best as We can listening to Mike Arndt
Lantrys Larceny re
File #: RLH TA 13-12 Version: Name: 1901 Maryland Avenue East
Type: Resolution LH Tax Assessment Appeal Status: Mayor's Office
In control: City Council
Final action: 1/16/2013
Title: Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for Real Estate Project No. J1302C1, Assessment No. 132007 at 1901 MARYLAND AVENUE EAST. (Laid over from January 2, 2013)
Sponsors: Dan Bostrom
Ward: Assessments, Nuisance Abatement, Special Tax Assessments, Ward - 6
Related files: RLH AR 12-120
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for Real Estate Project No. J1302C1, Assessment No. 132007 at 1901 MARYLAND AVENUE EAST. (Laid over from January 2, 2013)
Tax Assessment Worksheet
Cost: $12,710.55
Service Charge: $40.00
Total Assessment: $12,750.55
Gold Card Returned by: Michael Arndt called in.
Type of Order/Fee: Demolition
Nuisance: Unpaid Demolition cost
Comments: Original Project No. J1302C and Assessment No. 132001
Ratifying the assessments for Demolition Services from July 2012 (NON-C.D.B.G). (File No. J1302C, Asmt No. 132001)
WHEREAS, the Office of Financial Services Real Estate Section has attached to this Council File both a report of completion outlining the costs and fees associated with Demolition Services from July 2012 (NON-C.D.B.G). [File No. J1302C abd Asmt No. 132001] and the assessment roll including all properties for which these assessments are proposed for Council ratification; and
WHEREAS, the City Council's Legislative Hearing Officer has reviewed an appeal of this assessment and developed a recommendation for the City Council with respect to this assessment; and
WHEREAS, a public hearing having been conducted for the above improvement, and said assessment having been further considered by the Council and having been considered financially satisfactory; Now, Therefore, Be It
RESOLVED, that pursuant to Chapter 14 of the Saint Paul City Charter, said assessment is hereby ratified and payable in one installment.
                              Sharons Disclaimer: Sun.20Jan2013
has NOT RECORDED THE $2680.09 Payment 2Jan13 to avoid Sheriff Sale
at 697 Surrey ave.St.Paul,MN Scrool to Post below
: Michael Arndt
PIN (Property ID#) Number Street Address City Ave St. Paul

Ramsey County R logoDatabase Last Refreshed 01-20-2013 05:28:00
Copyright 2003 Ramsey County
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2012 10-16-2012 Payment 0.00 1,368.00
2012 10-11-2012 Payment 0.00 2,666.00
2012 09-18-2012 Payment 0.00 293.50
2012 05-23-2012 Payment 0.00 7,164.00
2012 05-23-2012 Payment 0.00 -7,164.00
2012 04-10-2012 Payment 0.00 292.00
2012 03-10-2012 Original Charge 584.00 0.00
2011 09-07-2011 Payment 0.00 353.00
2011 04-25-2011 Payment 0.00 45.29
2011 04-14-2011 Payment 0.00 353.00
2011 02-26-2011 Original Charge 706.00 0.00
2010 10-12-2010 Payment 0.00 322.00
2010 05-18-2010 Payment 0.00 406.00
2010 04-17-2010 Original Charge 728.00 0.00
279.25 PAYMENT BEFORE JUDGMENT. Before sale any person may pay the amount adjudged against any parcel of land. If
payment is made before entry of judgment, and the delinquent list has been filed with the
court administrator, the county auditor shall immediately certify such payment to the court
administrator, who shall note the same on such delinquent list; and all proceedings pending
against such parcel shall thereupon be discontinued. If payment is made after judgment is entered
and before sale, the auditor shall certify such payment to the clerk, who, upon production of such
certificate and the payment of a fee of ten cents, shall enter on the right-hand page of the real
estate tax judgment book, and opposite the description of such parcel, satisfaction of the judgment
against the same. The auditor shall make proper records of all payments made under this section.
History: (2126) RL s 925; 1986 c 444; 1Sp1986 c 3 art 1 s 82

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