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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Thursday, October 1, 2009

SharonScarrellaAnderson,BerniceA.Peterson1981 TaxCourJensen

Ward+2+filing3Jul07+009.jpg (image) - Photo sharing, MySpace slideshows, MySpace codes, MySpace music Reprisals against Sharon and her Family are heinous,repugnant starting in 1976 wih challenge of the Right to Pay Property Taxes separate from Mortgage:SharonScarrella v. Midwest Fed S&L - Google Search

COURTS-COMPLICITY WITHOUT COMPENSATION42 USC 3631 1974Scarrella221NW2d562Justice.jpg (image) 105821Apr88+004.jpg (image)

SharonScarrella aka Anderson 1976 30 yrs later POA because of Disparagment of Titles,Death,Disabilitys. LEGAL NOTICE OF DEFAULTS: sued Midwest Fed S&L RegZ. 1976,Mortgage Paid, Banker Greenwood Jr. manulipated Property tax's on nonhomestead even tho Sharon and her 2nd Husband Legal Domicile Homestead Residence 1058SummitTax equity skimming,money Reprisals 1988 JRHomeless_17 JRBrainard 1 year pic
Re: TA89(1981)TaxCourtJudge Carl Jensen re: 465901(1984) Tax Challange
signed off by J.E. Gockowski Ramsey Co District Court Clerk , the Reprisals of denial of State Laws mandate State and Federal Audit,Investigations of Blatant MS609.43 Misconduct.
Posted by PicasaSharons Disclaimer: Won in Tax Court no89(CarlJensen)1981 Sharons Homestead Credit reinstated, with $1,000 refund, indicating ALL PROPERTY TAXES PAID

Jensen did not to run for re-election in 1980, as he was appointed to the Minnesota Tax Court by Governor Al Quie. He served on the tax court from 1981-1986.[5] Curiously, in 1986, he ran unsuccessfully as a DFL candidate for the Minnesota Senate, despite being a life-long Republican.

After the death of his wife in 1977, Jensen remarried in 1979. His second wife, Patricia, was a member of Governor Quie's staff. He was the father of five children and three stepchildren.

Jensen died of cancer in 1988 at his home in Arden Hills.

Winning TA89, proves that 29 yrs later the County is still manulipating Tax/Election Records unabated now by Current Auditor Mark Oswald acting in concort with

John Vandenorth MN - Google Search

THEREFORE: 1984_1988 PhotoWorks: Share - Fullscreen slideshow89C4-85-1848+PubAccesSC+008.jpg (image)

HOW MUCH PROOF 1988Sasc1988 Brief15pdf

1058 Warrant 34

SharonAnderson,BernicePeterson82-1292TaxFight Proves the Bait and Switch of Taxes/Elections by the County of Ramsey Auditor at that time Lou McKenna, then Dorothy McClung former Tax Judge with Carl Jensen
State AG Lori Swanson refusal to defend Constitutionality of State Tax Laws is Bizzare
up to and including the present 1Oct09

Abolish Property Taxes 3




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