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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ultimate ProtextFax the World

Ultimate Protest Package

Read It All, Citizen!

It is time to put Washington on notice, WE THE PEOPLE RULE! We will not stand idly by as the liberal National Socialists destroy our beloved America from within.

FaxDC has created a one of a kind Protest Package like no other. We have developed a unique package which will wake up Washington and give Citizens a voice which can not be ignored.

Here is how it works;

Buckle your seat belt, because this is going to knock your shocks off! First of all this is for serious Citizens who are pissed-off miffed at our Federal Governments malfeasance with it's aggressive action against We The People. Washington bureaucrats have gone over the edge and are plotting to extinguish what little freedom We The People have left!

Patriots, Time To Tell Washington, HELL NO!

Here's the 3 part plan:

LETTER BARRAGE! FaxDC will send a HOT letter to the President, That is correct, directly to President Obama! The letter will be printed on a 8 1/2 X 11 letter stock, printed in full color and sent by FaxDC, BUT it will look like it came from you! Please take a minute, man and read it for yourself.


Read it!

POSTCARD BLIZZARD! FaxDC will also send a HOT postcard to the White House, with a poignant graphic on the face and a strong message on the back. The postcard will be printed in full color, message imprinted on the back with the address of the White House clearly visible. The postcard will be prepared and sent by FaxDC, but it will appear it came from you!

Read it!

FAX BLITZ! FaxDC will send all 100 Senators and 435 Members of the House of Representatives a HOT Blistering fax, referencing the postcard and the letter sent to the President and the White House.

Read it!

Yes, we are going to send a piping HOT letter right to the President of the United States of America for you!

Yes, We are going to send a scalding HOT postcard directly to the White House for you!

Yes, We are going to send a Blistering, searing HOT fax to all 100 Senators and 435 Members of the House Of Representatives (Congress) for a total of 535 faxes, for you!

There will be no excuses, no hostages and absolutely no reason every Citizen can't send a Letter, Postcard and blast a Fax!

There will be some who are chicken sh*t, scared and willing to lick the boots of their captures.

FaxDC says, "Keep out of our way, we will save America"

However, there will be a few answer the call, step up and say: "Count on me." Those are the ones which form the FaxDC Army. Citizens who treasure our beloved nation and are willing to stand tall and protect "Ole" Glory" against the attack of the National Socialist Goons.

Yes, we are going to print, insert your name and send a letter to President Obama. We are going to print, insert your name on the back of the postcard and send it to the White House. We are going to send all 535 representatives in Washington a searing HOT fax for you, at our cost of: $ 57.76

NOW, it is time to take the next step. It's going to cost us our reserve we gleamed from July and we will no doubt go into the red on this, but, the need is too great and our beloved nation is in such peril, how can we keep silent and stand on the sidelines?

Citizens it is now time to rise up and tell Washington HELL NO to socialism.

America needs your help. Will you step up and be counted? I know you will, because you remember the great days of a generation past and have determined to have them again.

Yes, FaxDC will send your Postcard, Letter and blast your 535 Faxes at our cost; $ 57.76

NOTICE: FaxDC must allow your credit card to clear before we can send your Letter to the President, your Postcard to the White House and send your 535 Faxes!

"Fellow Patriots, it is time to suck it up and put Washington on notice, We The People are as mad as HELL and we are not going to take it anymore." Minuteman Steve

Please stand with us as the staff at FaxDC puts our Patriotism on the line once again."


Yes, count on me. I will stand for America, speak my mind and secure the future of generations to come.

Click - Order Fax Blast

Order Your Ultimate Protest Package

Letter to the President, Postcard to the White House, Fax all 100 Senators, and all 435 Congressmen Only $ 57.76

It is time for every God fearing American to pray and Heroes to prepare!

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