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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sharons4LawlessAmerica vs. CitySt.Paul et al

Published on Dec 10, 2012
Sharons Forensic Files Submitted to Bill Windsor for for Congressional Hearings, re: Judicial Corruption "taking" via Illegal,Unpublished Orders RealEstate,Cars,Personal Propertys denying "due process" Forensic Files of Taxes Paid, Triggering RICO Complaints against State and Federal Judges in Minnesota. Judges Corrupt Conduct must be exposed. Orders to Committ Persons to DumbDown High Crimes and Misdemeanors Sharon has over 100 Blogs Thousands of pdf files that Mandate State and Federal Investigations into the MN Judiciary. Sharon acquired 13 parcels of RealEstate, Has paid Property Taxes, "but for" Corrupt Judges Kathleen Gearin,Gregg Johnson,John Vandenorth,Retired or Deceased Judges Larry Cohen,Alberto Miero,Salvador Rosas,Bertrand Poritsky, We the People must ABOLISH SCAP PANEL Judge Joanne Smith Chair, Denial Due Process Federal Judges Ann Montgomery, James rosenbaum, triggering AntiTrust,Death,Disability,Disparagment of Titles, via Illegal Court Orders, Even "takings" Drivers License without Probable Cause, Committment for 94 days to DumbDown with Depakote, Covert Conspiracy to Committ Murder for Judicial Pecuniary Gain. In re Scarrella4Justice 221NW3d Sharon Current Candidate 4 MN AG

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